Thursday, March 6, 2008

Haven't left for the office yet...

D has me typing up "things left to do" before the inspector arrives, so I'm killing time in-between. :) I won a few things on ebay for spring for yours truley :) so thought I'd share.

Love this dress- just need to get the length altered (shocker, I know)...

LOVE this shirt- just hoping that my growing hips don't look massive in it. I've gained 4lbs (yes, not the end of the world- but on a 4"11 frame, a measly 4lbs is visible)---

Another dress

And, this little mini:

I'm eyeing a few other dresses... I lost all the cute ones that I was PRAYING that I would win :( One however, was relisted :) So, I'm eyeing it... keep your fingers crossed- it's SO STINKING CUTE!!! :)

Okay, I think we're getting ready to go. D needs to book a plane ticket if he's leaving today (trying to talk him into it- he needs to be there today to help and to be there tommorow to walk with the inspector- he's trying to go in tommorow a.m, but I'm trying to talk him into going tonight), we'll see. Besides, a day away from one another would be a good thing. Anyways....

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