Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bucket, Puke.. ACTION! (Gross, I know...)

Okay, so I'm really lame about coming up with titles, just work with me here people!

So, I was sleeping like a little baby last night (which was SO very needed!), until around 2am Courtney is standing over me saying, "Mom.. Mom... wake-up, Addi is puking up everywhere and it's all over my bed!".. sweeeeeet..... So, last night I cleaned up puke, transported the other 2 little ones (who were also sleeping in Courtney's bed [don't ask.. they LOVE to sleep together.. all 4 of them- attachment issues, maybe? :) And to think some parenting guru's say that co-sleeping can cause attachment issues later in life. Hmmm.. maybe I should have listened to them- lol].... then, I was the offical "hold-the-pan-while-I-puke" person, oh... 4 times after I moved Addi in bed with us. I swear that kid is a fish when she sleeps anyways, ALWAYS popping you in the head with her hands and kicking you with her feet. I'm telling you, the child is out of control. :) Everytime she made the slightest move, I GRABBED that puke bucket, prepared for mission. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep last night. D slept through most of the puking [typical!] he was even snoring during one session.... I mean, are all men like this? Wait.. don't asnwer that!

So.. I kept her home from school today. Not sure about tommorow. I'm thinking I may, just to play it safe. She's feeling much better- played the Wii with D (golf buddies), but she hasn't ate much of anything and has only been drinking water. Tonight will be the true test... what is it with kids always getting sick again at nighttime, verses during the day? Crazy stuff..... I'm just praying that the other chicks don't come down with it... (fingers are crossed!) because man, I hate puke.

Nothing else too exciting to report. Made some burittos for dinner, I know... thrilling huh? I put hamburger, refied beans, black beans, corn, cheese, sour cream, black olives and top it with velvetta cheese and rotel tomatos. Good stuff.. the corn and beans add such a great kick to it.

The kids are getting ready to go to bed (they sooo need it, if I heard one more whinning/crying of "SHE'S LOOKING AT ME!" I think I would have exploded. Sis and Aspen, back and forth.. back and forth. They are both just zonked, but it doesn't get underneath your skin any less. :)

I took a picture of my hair (cut/highlighted) but the picture came out funky. Probally because 1) I didn't do much to myself AT ALL today. Threw on a sweatshirt, threw the hair up and slapped on some make-up. It's actually more blond than it appears here- I didn't wash it today so, well.. I guess you could say this is the "dirty blond" look. LOL... I'll share a different shot tommorow :)

And, here's Chelcey yesterday in the car... I could be wrong, but... I think she looks older than me. :) LOL I know, I know... "Keep tellin' yourself that, Chrystal!"... awh, bite it!

And, here's Addi yesterday as they were getting ready to go play in the snow. Courtney took this because she said she looked like a umpa-lumpa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory :) They made a video of Addi singing that song, and as soon as I figure out how to upload videos, I'll share. :) They've made some cute ones. I'll see if I can figure it out tommorow. I'm thinking I just upload them to youtube. Hmmm... Photobucket

Okay.. I'm outta here. I finally got around to taking those ebay pictures today and even resized them (go, me!!!). ebay is DEAD right now (always is until March.....) but.. thought I'd try anyways. :) We'll see how it goes. I'll link to them once they are up.

Have a great night and I'll see you punks tommorow :)

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