Friday, January 16, 2009

SO glad that it's Friday..

It's been a LONG week since announcing the whole "going to the hotel on Monday to talk about the job gig" to D. Long week doesn't even touch it. Don't get me started because we could be here all night.

I was about an hour late to the girls school for lunch room duty. You see, when you have two cars, and the person who is driving one decides to take BOTH sets of keys, well... that can cause the other person TO BE LATE. It wasn't good. The other woman that was scheduled to volenteer with me was a "no show". I know, nice huh? Yes, I know people.. it's LUNCH ROOM duty. Not a lot of excitement in that, but seriously... who ELSE is going to open milk for the kindergarderens? Or squirt ranch dressing/ketchup (gross), or hot sauce on the plates for pizza day? Or, open up fruit juice popcicles (yes! they had POPCICLES today in 1 degree weather. don't ASK!). I was late, missed Addi's class :( I always enjoy visiting with her little friends the most :) oh, the stories I hear (lol). But.. made it in time to catch 10min. of Savannah's and all of Aspen's. But come on... LEAVE THE OTHER SET OF KEYS behind, buddy. Is it too much to ask? Apparently EVERYTHING is too much to ask these days. Don't even get me started.....

I had a few hours to kill after I left from the school before the girls needed to get picked up, so I ran to Kohls to see if they had anything for this interview on Monday. I tried on ( a lot) of really cute things, but I refrained (not easy, esp. when you love clothes as much as me)... I did find a cute classic black blazer, but they didn't have any in a size small and everything else swims on me. Hey relax, it's not for ANY other reason other than I'm a SHORT (okay, VERY short) woman. I did end up scoring a short sleeve brownish/grey-like twill blazer to have for back up. It's cute, just not sure I want to wear it on MOnday, ya know?

Left Kohls, picked up the girlies- drove Carson home, then Chelcey and I spent a "girls night" out shopping and had a really good time. :) We hit the mall, tried on a kazillion clothes and got some major exercise from walking all over that darn place. I knew there was a reason why I avoid malls. Geesh! But, all the walking was MUCHO needed after taking a glimps of the lower half of my naked body in those 3 way mirrors.... Um, and swimsuit season is when?. Man.. I REALLY NEED to re-kinder the relationship with my treadmill.. like TOMMOROW. ANYWAYS.. I ended up finding a cute black/pinstripped pencil skirt at Wet Seal (along with a cute pink/black scarf and 2 solid tees...which were on sale for (get this!!!) $3.. dude- I LIVE in jeans, tees, and scarfs!LOVE scarfs with tees..def. my latest obsession. I wear them all the time. :) I looked all over the place for a black blazer but no luck.. none fit right. I did end up finding a white button down shirt at express which hopefully fits okay after I look at myself in MY mirror (have you ever noticed that the store mirrors either make you look reallyreally bad (ie: when you're naked- lol) or reallyreally good.. SO good that you just "gotta buy this RIGHT HERE AND NOW!" Yea, both ususally happen to me. I get home thinking something fits totally cute and flattering, then well... whatta ya know... doesn't look so hot at home- in the "reality" mirror. Anyways... still don't know what I'm wearing. D is having a fit that I'm going to wear a skirt in the dead of winter (don't ask!)... so.. who knows WHAT I'll end up wearing.

The girls are having a friend (Holly) spend the night tonight. I sware Holly should just move in with us... the kid is here 7 days a week (not an understatement, either).. and she spends the night at least one day out of each weekend. :) She's so quite though, you never even know she's here. Man, how did her parents get so lucky? :)

Okay.. it's almost midnight.. sooOOooo looking forward to sleeping in tommorow a.m. We'll see if that happens. Last weekend they were all up at like 8am... I told them they better sleep in tommorow.. or else. I know, idol threats in this house don't mean a thing.... but darnit, I try!

I'll post new pictures tommorow..... and oh, for those of you who haven't been exposed to music from Jack Johnson check it out here good stuff.

see ya tommorow.

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