Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sissy has had the flu for the last 3-4 days. It sounds like the H1N1 virus to be honest with you. A Neighbor boy has it (the girls were down at his house playing with his sister, Holly, on Saturday), but no one else has came down with it except Addi (and she has only had a low-grade fever and upper belly aches, nothing else). ???

Sis has been EXTREMLY tierd, upper belly aches, all over body aches, headache, high fever, no appeiette. Addi started getting a fever 2 days ago, I've kept her home from school yesterday & today but she seems to be doing fine.

They both appear "ok" during the day (fever reducing medicine controls it), but around 4pm it hits.

Last night around 4:30pm, Savannah got "hit" hard. She fell asleep on the couch and around 8:45pm she woke up crying really hard, saying how bad her belly hurt (no diahreah or vomitting, just pain). She was BURNING up. Her entire body was red and a rash broke out on her stomache (like a heat rash almost). All of a sudden her eyes rolled in the back of her head (fluttering) and her head started shaking... I shoke her and said "SAVANNAH" she said "huh?" (out of sorts) and it did it again. I grabbed a cold washcloth, sat her up, wiped her down to try to cool her down while the cold bath water was going. I grabbed the motrin (it had only been 3hrs. since I had given it to her which shocked me that her temp got that high) and gave her more. the girls lost our theromator, so D ran up to the store to get one. After about 10min. in the bath (cold), I took her temp and it was still at 102.7, which tells me that her temp must have been REALLY high. :(

We drove her to the pedi accute care (urgent care) where over 70 cars were there and the place was PACKED with sick kids. KY is having a widespread flu epdemic right now and after seeing what I saw last night, I beleive it. We ended up leaving because whatever she didn't have, she would have left with last night.. it was THAT bad. We took her to an urgent care by our house where he said he recommended Kosier Hospital (downtown) but to be prepared for about a 2-3hr. wait (it was already 10:45pm). Her temp during this time managed to get down to 100, so we took the chance and brought her home. I gave her tynolyn at 11:30pm and checked on her every hour last night where her temp. stayed normal.

She woke up at 10:30am and her temp was gone. It was 97.8, and has been since she's been awake. She always acts "ok" during the day, she has since this started, but it's the evenings when it hits her.

I called her Dr. as soon as I got up and we go in at 4:30pm today and they said that more than likely they will send her down to Kosier (can never spell that right, it's a childrens hospital) to have a CT scan done.

She was (really) out of it (delayed response) after the seuzuire, it was almost like when she gets those "blank stares" that I've told you about (the slow processing). So I'm wondering if all of that is tied together?????...

I've talked to the nurse about 5 times today, she's been great, but she said that though some kids do have seuizure like activity with a high fever, it's not a normal behavior and it's something that is concerning. I had an appoint. at 12pm today, but with a nurse Prac. and the nurse that I've been talking to was pretty honest saying that she really woudln't be able to do anything anyways- so she blocked us a 30min. window with the Dr. Sis *did* get bite by a little boy at church last Sunday...????? I wonder if this has anything to do with it, maybe a bacertical infection or something? I don't know...:( :( I asked Savannah what it felt like last night when her eyes and head did that and she said it felt like something in the back of her neck or in the back of her head. ???

Anyways, So, that's what's going on this way. :( I'll keep ya posted what we find out.

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