Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall is fun, but exhausting!

Today 4 of my girls started their fall break. Only 2 days mind you, not including the weekend, but hey... any less running around, I'll take it! Since Savannah goes to another school, she had to get up this morning, (and she wasn't too happy about that, might I add), but I got her dressed, fed, lunch packed, then D drove her to school so I could go back to bed! HEAVEN! I was SOOOOO excited about even 2 extra hours of sleep. After the last few weeks of run-run-run, I'll take any amount of time to sleep in that I can take.

Aspen went to her friend Issabels sleepover last night. Beth informed me that they stayed up until almost 5am (um, I don't see a slumber party for the girls birthdays this year afterall).. and then they all got up at 8am. Aspen came home around 12pm, she's been asleep on the couch since about 1pm. It's now 6:30pm. The girl was ZONKED (serves her right! lol). I just pray that she sleeps tonight.

We had a good time over the weekend at our church's Family Fun Fest. It was a TON of work- and we were at church ALL weekend (yeah, moreso than ususal.. lol) but we had a good time. Friday day was spent shopping for all the "food" items for the event. Friday night we had to set up for the yard sale. Those of you who know me KNOW how much getting ready for a yard sale (ie: sorting through "stuff") wigs me out. HATE it. Stuff in abundence causes my brain to shut down. I just don't deal well with "stuff". So, getting prepared (our stuff) for the yard sale was a process. Then, helping set up OTHER people's stuff, well.. you get the picture. We were there late Friday night. Then we were back there, bright and early Saturday for the set-up of the Family Fun Fest and working. I baked cookies Friday night for our bake sale but let me just say that the raw dough was MUCH better than the actual cookies themselves (lol). D made about 60lbs of chili (his famous recipe)-- we sold almost all of it, too. He also grilled burgers and hot dogs. After the event on Saturday, it was tear down and set up for SUNDAY'S event (Our halloween alternative- God's Creation Party). Back to church early a.m for service, then D, Susan, and I served lunch for our church family after service (same setup as Saturday), then we went home- go the girls dressed in their costumes (well, except for Aspen- more on that in a minute :)).. then back to church to help with the event. Tore down after the event, and let me just say...when we got home after a VERY long weekend, my feet were SOOOOOO sore, I was SOOOOO tierd and getting up Monday morning for school was So.VERY.hard, you don't even know.

Anyways, I know I shared these pictures on facebook, but just in case you didn't see them, thought I'd share them here :)

Addi with her daddy :)

Muscle woman, Addi :)

Court and Addi

Courtney and Chelcey at the facepainting station :)

Courtney and Selena. Selena had spent the night with us on Saturday, so that night they went ice skating :)

Courtney being resourceful and wearing her pirate costume from last year. :)

THIS is what happens after your 6 year old plays HARD all day on Saturday. After we got home that night, she was running around the house like a mad woman. I kid you not, not 5 minutes after running around I turn to Savannah and asked her where Addi was. She smiled, pointed down underneath the kitchen table chair and said, "right there!". The girl was ZONKED! :)

This is my grillin, chilli makin' fool of a man in action :)

The fam (minus Chelcey who was at work)

Chelcey and I

Court and I :)

Aspen's little pumpkins that she painted :)

Addi's costume (Mulan). This year I am happy (very happy, actually) that we got resourceful and didn't spend ONE DIME on costumes. It worked out great, actually and wondering why we haven't adapted this rule every year :) Sissy was easy, PJ's and dots all over her face (she loved it! put the girls in Pj's 24/7 and she'd be a happy camper!), then add Aspen in the mix who went as, no other than... (drum roll, please....) Um, herself! AGAIN this year. Last year was the same thing. We bought her a Hannah Montana costume, then she decided at the very last minute she was just going as herself. This year.. same gig, only she just didn't even try. Most kids LOVE this time of year, getting all dressed up. Aspen? Um, not so much. It's rather strange :)

Aspen, who DID get her face painted, though :) We just laugh at the girl...

My crazy little chick, Addi actin' crazy :) :)

Tommorow (Friday) is Savannah's class party at school. This is the first year that she gets to have a halloween party since CAL never celebrated halloween. So, since Aspen and Addi are out of school, I'm taking them with me :) I'll be sure to snap some pictures. Hopefully it won't take me forEVER to share them (lol).

Okay.. need to scram! Need to run to the store, out of milk, so I can finish up dinner. My house is a wreak... I SOOOoOOO need to give it some attention tommorow, INDEED! Anyways... I'm outta here. Have a good night!

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