Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Tiled Lace Coasters

What’s the point of spending endless amounts of time on pinterest.com, pinning all kinds of creative ideas if you’re never going to do them? My point exactly. So, Chelcey and I decided to get jiggy with it and made our own Coasters, using tiles, spray paint, and lace. The project itself was easy, fun, and cheap! But, we did learn a few things along the way which I will share with you at the end to save you from making the same mistakes. So, here we go.

First, here are the things that you will need.
- White tiles (I scored ours at Home Depot for $0.19/ea)
- Spray Paint (I recommend a Matte finish)
- Matte Finishing Spray
- Spray Adhesive
- Lace (lace ribbon, trim, or fabric will work)
- Felt

Now, here’s what you do:
Spray the adhesive (lightly) on the area that you want your lace pattern to show thru. After you spray, place your lace down so it doesn’t shift or move around. Wait a couple of seconds, then simply give that little colorful spraypaint can a little shake, and spray that bad boy onto the tile, covering up the lace as well. Let dry. The can says dries in 10min., but play it safe… don’t go and get all antsy & think it’s dry before it actually is. Patience my friend, patience.

After it’s dry, slowly lift up the lace and voila! There ya go!. If you’re happy with it, awesome! Success. Grab your can of spray adhesive, give it a good spray to seal it… let dry. Measure the tile, then cut out a piece of felt to be glued on the backside of your coaster. This will prevent the tile of scratching any surface that you lay it on. Then… sit back, and marvel at what a great job you’ve done! Don’t forget to show them to your family, and friends, and even the neighbor out walking their dog because you’re that proud, and because hey… the little suckers turned out pretty darn cool, that’s why.

Now, a few things we learned along the way.
- We used lace ribbon, that has the netting. The “lace” part showed through pretty good, but the netting portion kind of jacked it all up. So, you might have to try a few different styles of lace to get the right look that you’re after.

- Go easy on the spray adhesive. I think this may have been my downfall because on a few of my coasters, the netting is actually raised on the tile. I think it was because of adhesive overload.

- We learned that matte spray paint works much easier than glossy. The glossy, in my opinion, was too runny.

- Not all the tiles you do will come out, so make sure you plan accordingly. I made 7 tiles, 4 came out, kind of. However, I wasn’t sold on the finished project (because I’m a perfectionist at heart), so I will be making more based on what I learned.

So, there ya go! Super easy, and fun… and cheap.. and cute… and well… I’ll spare you & stop there.


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