Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Anniversary.....

The husband and I had one of the best times that we've had in a really, long time. We laughed so much, had some awesome music playing out on the deck, great conversation, and honestly neither one of us could have asked for a better night. Who needs a fancy restaurant with big crowds for a fun celebration? Pfft, not us!

We busted out the white table cloth, our favorite wine, and enjoyed steak, roasted garlic potatoe's, a wonderful salad, and D's famous butter noodles that I love oh so much.

Our anniversary couldn't have been any better. Well, aside from the bread sprinkled with olive oil & lots of wonderful seasoning that I was preparing below, of which I was so-so-so looking forward to... decided to burn to death in the oven & smell up my entire house, but hey..who needs perfection? you know I'm not that girl, so... in my eyes, it was a perfect-perfect evening. :) (just keepin' it real for ya, just keepin' it real!) :)

Truly enjoyable, and I mean that!


Unknown said...
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Becky D said...

Looks like a wonderful evening together! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!