Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is it Friday, yet?

Oh boy, I so did NOT want to get out of bed this morining. I swear I hit the snooze button at least 5 times- for real. No one was late, so relax :) Actually, beleive it or not our morining went rather smooth. Girls were all in a good mood- it was hard to get them out of bed as well- but, a good mood nonetheless. Addi has "Crazy Hat Day" today. I had her decked out in my funky black/white pin striped hat (very cool, if I do say so myself) :) But, she opted for the pink princess hat, that just so happened to match her pink shirt- the girl is a fashion diva, I swear to you. Of course, she had to top it off with her pink "gem" necklace--- now do you see why I love this girl :)

Something absoutely funky is coming from my pantry... seriously, it smells like someone or something has kilted over in there. Come to find out, it's two lovely, and very scrumptious might I add, onions that are like growing some kind of legs. Okay, so maybe they aren't legs- but they are roots or something, same difference I guess if you're an onion. Anyways, moral of the story- I *must* dispose of these suckers today. Yes, they are still in there- even AFTER I discovered this is where the smell comes from when you open that door... cut me some slack, I mean really, it's only 8am. :)

Chicago was good... worked our butts off, that's for sure. The Hilton inspector arrives this evening and will do her inspection tommorow to see if the hotel can open. So, keep your fingers crossed. They have a wedding group of 45 checking in tommorow, so... they HAVE to open. I think D is flying up tommorow morning, so we'll see. I would love to go, just not feasible with the kidlets. I had a blast though- I swear I was in and out of every single room in that hotel (118 units to be exact) at least 4 times. I was SOOOO exzausted when I hit the pillow, let me tell you. The hotel is beautiful! It was so much fun helping pick the FF&E with Susan (she's in charge of design and purchasing, but would always come and ask my opinion)- walking into the hotel and seeing it all put in place was awesome! The colors are all warm tones- silvery blues, browns, and greens-- it's gorgouse!

Savannah is reading SO well now- I'm so proud of her. :) When we first started K this year, I'll be honest, it's been a struggle with her. She's not a fast learner and more of a "visual" learning, which makes it difficult sometimes. She is doing SO great with her reading- she's actually "getting it" now, whereas before she would get frustrated and want to move on. We've been working really hard at this over the last few months and Mrs. Passifume (love her!), pulled me over the other day and said "I am so proud of Saavannah- she's done a 180 over the few weeks, whatever you're doing at home is working!". So, that felt really good. We're at least making progress. Some areas are still a struggle- but she's awesome at math!!!! Which is MORE than a great thing. :) So, we'll see how things go.....

The Church sale that was scheduled for this weekend got canceled. Pastor called me on Tuesday and said since so much is going on right now, that we'll just postpone it until April. I was SOOOOOoOOO happy to hear this! I knew there would be no way I could get everything together in time, less alone coordinate the thing right now. It's just too crazy. So, that was a load off... :) D has been helping get the church financed and that's been a saga.. more on that later.

Ok, need to go in there and throw myself together for the day. My house is a pit- have I mentioned how much being without a dishwasher sucks? Oh, I did? Yeah, I thought so but thought I would share that again. Ugh! I'm so over washing dishes. I need to get to the store this afternoon- we're out of everything, I swear, so don't think I won't be stocking up on paper plates, paper cups, and anything else paper that I can find so I don't have to stand over this sink as much as I do. I'm SO over it! ugh!... anyways, I'm off. Have a great day and I'll share pictures later. I took my camera to Chicago and didn't take *one* single picture if you can beleive that. I left the thing out in the car and since it snowed like 3-4 inches the 2nd day we were there, I said "no thank you". But, I'll share some recent ones of the kidlets. :) See ya!

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