Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This car has GOT TO GO!

So, last week D calls me from the cell after dropping the girls off from school and said "you need to look at the window- I'm pulling up now".. and sure enough, when I did- there's Darryl, driving down our street, holding our RUNNING BOARD from our Yukon- the thing just FELL OFF in the street when he pulled into our sub-division (oh, the shame :))... so naturally I *had* to run and get a picture of our poor, pathetic lives (lol)....


The thing is now parked and we haven't been driving it. It's making this crazy sound when you turn the stirring wheel to the left and it acts like it wants to die when you start driving.. not good! The car dealership said they would give us between $8-9k on a trade in (which is more than we expected), but now that the thing is doing this-- doubtful! We've been looking at SUVs for the last few weeks and I'm so done with it. Grrrr..... I don't want to spend more than $25k on a truck- I think it's foolish because quite frankly, I don't want our payments to be any more than what we're paying now. Of course, all the ones that we LIKE are MUCH more than that. So, who knows..... we found a Tahoe (not the extended version- THANK GOODNESS), but they are asking $31k and I dont like the way it looks on the outside. Like the inside, but the outside.. blaaaah! Not so much, reminds me of the Yukon too much and I LOATHE this car. HATE it.... ugly doesn't even come close to what I think of our truck. (D on the other hand, loves it and would love nothing better than to buy one just like it... ugh, NO!). We are eyeing a few Infiniti's- more than we want to spend, but we'll see what we find. Buying a car sucks when you have to find one to fit 7 people. Sure, if there were just a few of us, it would be an easy, simple task.. all the cute cars fit the normal family of 4. But 7??? I did see a few of those white bus-looking things :) lol.. j/k.. so yeah, fun times :)

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