Saturday, March 29, 2008

Non-productive Saturday *yawn*

I have so much stuff that I needed to get done today. It's now almost 7pm, I'm still in sweats and my hair, though I've ran my fingers threw it a few times today, hasn't even been brushed. Yes, I'm a skank today... do I look like I care? :) Actually, I've been talking about getting ready for um, well.... 7 hours at least (lol).. but darnit. Not getting ready is just more fun (and well, less work! lol).

Our church is having a baked goods auction tommorow evening, after the Kids service, for a Speed The Light fundraiser and I was asked to bring some stuff in. Yes, for those of you who know me, the kitchen is not my speciality, however- our church is fully aware that I can't cook (no thanks to my entire FAMILY- the little back stabbers that they are- lol :)), and the last time I had to bring stuff in to auction off, I saved everyone the pain and actually BOUGHT the stuff (lol). Hey, I didn't lie about it.. I told everyone who asked that it all came from Meyers (lol). Only this time, I'm actually going to bake. Yes, don't freak out.... I'm not doing anything crazy (lol)... but, I figured it would be cheaper and it would do me some good (good for what, I'm not sure.. just trying to justify the cheap part I :) :) So, we'll see how it goes. If I can actually get dressed, throw on some make-up and do this hair (I think a pony tail is the best option today :)) then I can run up to Kroger and get my groove on.

Next weekend is the church sale that I suggested the church doing for the building campiagn so well, that means I have to do a lot of the work (lol). I started going through stuff a few weeks ago but I still have SOOOOO much to do! Our garage (which I've vented about on more than one occassion) is a NIGHTMARE- SOO much crap out there it's not even funny. Well, the church decided to rent a U-Haul for the larger items that people want to donate and will be coming around to pick it up. That's GREAT for several reasons 1) The larger items will bring in more money for the church 2) It will get out of my GARAGE so I can start to clean it and 3) It will save me the anxity everytime I walk out there and see that cluttery mess. HOWEVER, the anxity that I'll be dealing w/ TRYING to prepare for this sale and having them come over INSIDE MY GARAGE is another story. :) I should have went out there this morning and made it an all day affair. but, I didn't... so, last minute sally over here will probally stress herself out more than what she really had to by putting it off. I mean, will I ever learn? (don't answer that!). Anyways, I still have to go through the girls stuff (toys galore!) also, let alone tag everything... it's going to be WORK! Then, I have to help set up/organize and then run the sale on Saturday (next sat).. I just want it to hurry up and be over with..... "stuff" freaks me out.. like cluttery mess- you would think that I woudln't be such a thrift find junkie that I am the way I am about clutter. AND, on top of that.. you would think if clutter freaked me out (as it does).. I wouldn't have so much STUFF *and* clutter. I mean, do I try to torture myself or what? :)

Anyways.... the girls had a Christian band perform at their school of Friday, "Finding Favour" and they absoutely loved it. Their first "concert" if you will :) Courtney got her arm signed (see photo below), and Aspen got Bens autographed after school (thanks to Courtney)... Aspen walked to the car all smiles because her autograph :) I found them online- here's their site-- aspen thought it was the coolest thing ever that they were online :) Here's their site: Cool music... and here are some pictures. Courtney had "Dress down day" on Friday- you donate $1 for st. Baldrikes (fundraiser for kids with cancer) and they got to wear their school Tee shirt and jeans. And, Chelcey wasn't too pyched about having her picture taken- said she looked horrible, but.. I don't think so :)



and, on Friday, poor Addi was playing with her friend Lilly and she tripped, hit her little lip on the table and busted it. :( Poor baby.. it looks a lot worse today and she asked me to put some medicine on it. Poor thing....

The girls (Courtney and Aspen) played outside for most the day today... while Addi and Sis just chilled inside. Savannah, trying to be like her mom, is still in her PJ's... the child said she wasn't getting dressed today, so well... okay. :)

Ok, need to get up to the store, figure out what's for dinner (clueless on that one- I'm just so darn TIERD today- NO engery at all).... and then need to get things laid out for tommorow. Hoping I can talk D into tackling the garage with me, but well.. don't think that's going to happen. I asked Chelcey to help and she said she would, but well... between me and you, I don't know how much help that would really be-- :) I can't even get that girl to maintain her bedroom these days...... but, that's for another day. :) Have a great rest of the day and I'll be back tommorow- with pictures of course, to prove that I baked (I know, will YOU be in for a visual treat.. ummm... NOT!!!).. later!

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