Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Awwwh, beautiful day!

Just got back from taking the girls to the park. Picked them up from school, then picked up Chelc, returnd the movies to the redbox thingie (totally best invention ever- only $1 to rent a DVD through a "red box"[no brainer that it's red, huh? lol] took the girls to McDonalds for ice cream (I got the southwest chicken salad [started on my back to "eating healthy kick" today] and quite frankly, I think that had to be the most fattening salad I've ever had in my life (lol). BUT.. it was delic!, so.. I still ate it. Southwest dressing, did have some spinach leaves (my fave) with corn, tomato thingies, grilled chicken, and the fattening thing were those crunchy taco like thingies that taste great, but totally ruin the "healthy" aspect of it. Anyways, then we all went to the park. It's gorgouse here today- like 70's- sunny- just one of those days that you *need* to be outdoors, ya know? Aspen made a new friend, well.. two, actually :) She's such a follower, I swear. One little girl (whose Mom was NO where in sight, she just ran to the park by herself, which was strangly odd IMO), but she was like climbing on TOP of the monkey bars and Aspen went right along with her. But, just the age, I guess. Chelc and I had a (really) long talk while the girls played. She and I have been having some really deep conversations over the last few days. We've covered sex, drugs, drinking, peer pressure, running with the wrong crowd, staying true to yourself, never comprimising your own beleifs and morals, and friendships- the good, bad, and ugly. She's been going through a lot with her crowd- they are making fun of her because of her faith and beleif in God and I just found out today that one of her best friends has been trying to get her to try pot. She's been hanging out with another group of friends (from her 7th grade "group", THANK GOODNESS) and she has pretty much just restructured who she runs with. The crowd that she has been running with this year (same as last year) has just REALLY changed this year (and not for the better). ALL her friends have lost their virginity this year,, have tried drugs (most are doing them regularly), sneak out regularly, drink... you know,the typical high school stuff that goes around. Chelc had a really rough start to high school, to the point where I was really worried about her choices, but I am very proud of her decisions lately and she has really grown the last few months. I think a lot of it has to do with me pulling her back from her best friend (who does not think before she does something, makes POOR, POOR decision, and has been wtih Chelc all the times that Chelcey got in trouble. She's just not the best influence on her at all- and Chelcey knows it. The only time she spends with her now is at school. She use to spend the night over there almost EVERY weekend, but.... once I discovered a few little pictures on my computer [note to the wise: erase any photos that can get you in trouble if you let your mom borrow your camera.. ugh-hem!), but she hasn't been able to hang out over there since. I just don't trust the girl [her friend]. She's just sneaky and secretive [had a few friends like that myself and know what they are all about]. Chelc confides in me A LOT (more details sometimes than I need to know... ugh-hem!), but I'm happy that we have that type of relationship where we "talk" and she trusts me with what's going on. Anyways.... she's going through a lot right now, just hanging out with a different crowd (thankfully) and just trying to get through everything. We are moving her over to Christian Accadmy next year (sophmore) and she's really excited. Putting her in public high school was the WORST choice I think I've ever made as a parent [thus far... lol.. who knows what other bad choices I'll make] but, she WANTS to change schools-- there's nothing GOOD at this school, it's given her MORE of an education THIS year than what we ALL bargained for, and not the kind of education you would hope for for your child. Anyways... could go on and on about this, but I'll stop here, for now. I'm just thankful that she appears to be smart enough in her choices to reconginize what to and what NOT to do. She applies SO much bad to God, and the choices that she is making I really feel comes with her faith and her beleif system. Without that, I honestly think she would struggle with it so much more than she has. I'm proud of her, and yes- she WILL make other mistakes throughout high school and throughout her life... that's how we learn and how we find our stength in situations that we never thought was there. I'm just proud of her and the direction that she's heading. It's SO scarey being a teenager these days.... the pressures that they are faced with, WE thought WE had it bad... you have no idea. I think going to a Christian school, where morals and the word of God is present in every subject in one way or the other, gives the kids a foundation and better direction in the sense that they can apply that in their every day lives and decisions. I don't think my child will never mess up once she goes there next year- please- I just think surrounding her with friends who have the same beleif system, morals, and dedication is SOOOO important, esp. these years that she's in right now.

Okay.. enough already... :) :) :)

I did absoutely nothing today, well.. other than a load of laundry. I was on the run all day. I meant to stop by the post office but we stayed at the park WAAAY longer than we had planned :) so, guess that's a trip for tommorow.

Courtney has her retreat on Thursday- I'm hoping to be able to go (they leave at 8am and are gone until 8pm at KY lake). She went last year and had a great time. At the retreat, they talk about spirituality and ways to get closer to God, peer pressure, making the right choices, etc. etc. As long as D can pick the girls up from school that afternoon, and Chelc, I'll be able to go. It's suppose to be BEAUTIFUL on Thursday, so I'm hoping it works out :) I know all of Courtney's friends/classmates really well- and their moms (who a lot are going), so it will fun. :)

Ok- want to get dinner started. Have chicken thawed out, but not sure what to do with it. We had country friend Chicken w/ gravy last night and the whole fam LOVED it. Def. need to make that again soon-- Aspen came back for THIRDS, Courtney had 2nds, Addi had 2nds (2 full things of corn on the cob- lol), and Sis had 2nds, too :) But, not sure what to do tonight.. maybe chicken fahetti's (spell? lol) or chicken casadea's (don't you LOVE my spelling? Yeah, thought you would).. :) Anyways... want to get this going so I can tan tonight. Wanted to do a few laps around the track tonight, so we'll see if I can squeeze that in--- if I would get off of here, maybe I could (lol). :)

Chelcey and I rented "Juno" tonight :) So, hoping to squeeze that in, too. Heard this movie was awesome!!! Court wants to watch it, but..... not knowing if there is sexual content in it, not so sure about it. It's PG-13, which even THOSE can be a little racey... Lets just say Court hasn't been exposed to HALF of what kids her age have been exposed to, and that's by design. She's a very "young" 12 year old, and I want to keep it that way as much as I can. ANYWAYS..... I'll let ya know how it is :) Looks really cute on the previews.

Ok.. took some pictures yesterday so I'll upload those probally tommorow :) until then... hope you guys have a good night!

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