Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a weekend...

Man, what a busy "on the go!" weekend. I feel like I was non-stop. Aspen had her little sleepover on Friday, Courtney had a lock-in at Southeast Church, and Chelc went to the movies. I no more came home Friday after picking all the girls up, but then I was taxi cab Mom to haul everyone here and there. The running around started at 4:30pm, and I was finally home, ready to relax at 7:45pm. I got NO sleep Friday evening (don't ask, it wasn't a good night!) I had to get up at 7am to get ready to pick up Courtney from church by 8am. After I picked her up, we hit a church yard sale that was over by our own church (didn't find anything), dropped her off, then I headed out to the store. I had all my groceries bought by 9am- IMPRESSIVE, huh? Yeah, I thought so too! :) Took the groceries home, put them away, then had to leave to go across the other side of town to pick up Aspen. After picking her up, took her home, made breakfast, then left again because there was a kids consignment sale at ANOTHER church that I really wanted to go to :) Found Addi the cutest little dress for church and Savannah a pr. of brand new wedges- so cute! Also found a cute skirt and tank top for Aspen/Sis (love that they wear the same size- makes it SO much easier!). Then, the rest of the afternoon was spent helping D with 2 packages that he needed to get out to clients- we ran to Staples, then to fedex by the airport, then he and I decided to hit Aldi's on our way home to pick up a few things. So, I went to the store twice in one day! Nice, huh? :) At least we finally have a good assortment of food in the house. Kroger gets so expensive, so I just got staple items and meat, and some snack stuff for the kids. So, we did the Aldi's gig to "stock" up.

Church was really good today. Worship was wonderful, as it always is-- very intense and the Holy Spirit was ever so present- I was a MESS after worship (like always :)) so D had to go get me klenex (lol). The sermon was so appriorate for us right now.... so dead on. God is so amazing!!!!!

Tonight is Pastor Lewis' birthday celebration at Church, so... we're heading back there at 6pm for fellowship- need to figure out what kind of food I'm taking. We're all suppose to bring something, but I'm clueless. (typical!) lol

Girls are all upstairs cleaning their rooms (while jamming out to high school muscial, dont ya know!) :) and Aspen is sitting beside me eating Oats & Toast! :) She always tries to weesel her way out of cleaning for some reason... she takes after her Dad! :)

On a HEALTHY note- I stopped drinking Pepsi and eating high sugary/carby foods for about a week now and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I'm back to eating my good 'ole salads (yum!) and I haven't dealt with the whole bloatiness from the IBS (ugh!) ever since! My tummy looks like I'm 5mo. pregnant if I eat one of my "forbidden" foods... that consists of, oh- almost everything! LOL... Breads, flour, processed foods (esp. fast food or "food in a can" crap), red meat, SALT, soda ESP., and anything dairy! I think I'm also lactose intolerant.. yeah, my whole digestive system has been messed up ever since I had my gallbladder removed. BUT- when I have better control over what I'm putting in my body (staying away from the "bad stuff") I not only FEEL better, but I LOOK better. I weighed myself 3 days ago and was 108.5lbs. I weighed myself this morning before my shower and was 107lbs! SO happy!!!!.. My body is like a SPONGE when it comes to salt and carbination and flour (bread).... it takes on a WHOLE other shape- it's SO weird. So, I'm just glad that I'm making SMARTER choices. I'm not really trying to lose weight per se (just a few pounds), but my goal is to TONE!!!! I'm going to start hitting the track (trying to get D to do it with me!!!) which will be great!! I'm really excited...... :) eating healthier just makes me feel SO MUCH better.

Okay... boring post, I know.. but.... get over it! LOL... I want to post a few things on ebay before I have to start getting things ready for tonight. Savannah has K testing tommorow, so she has to get to bed early tonight so she's well rested- she has a LONG day ahead of her. I have lunch room duty on Monday (fun!) :) and library duty on Tuesday, then Friday is the Q&U* wedding in Savannah's class :) So, I'll be at the school quite a bit this week! They have a park right across the school with a MASSIVE track, so maybe I can work it where I can hit the track after lunch room duty (gets over at 1pm), then I can walk the track BEFORE library on Tuesday! See, that will work :) (okay, I'm talking out loud.. just humor me here- lol)....

I took some pictures over the weekend and I'll upload them tonight after the girls are in bed :) See ya then.....

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