Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yard work...

Oh, almost forgot! I did get some yard work in late Friday, once I got home from running the kids here and there. Bushes are trimmed, my tree is trimmed, and I pulled some weeds. We also pulled up one of the bushes in our yard that I can't stand.. the thing was planted here before we moved in and it never fully blooms and I just hate how it looks. We also have some crazy plant that is like "overgrown grass" or something (I'll take a picture) and I HATE THEM! We have two of them, I started shoveling them up and D stopped me. He really likes them, but *I'm* the one who has to pull all the weeds out from the thing.... so, once I plant my flowers out there this week, I'm hoping I can pull those suckers up and replace them with maybe some planters out there and he won't even notice :) LOL.. we'll see.

I was going to get some mulch to put down but I decided I want to do the red rocks. Our next door neighbors have them and they just look so much nicer. Plus, once you invest in them- you don't have to worry about putting down "fresh" rocks next year :) like you do with mulch. So.. I need to price these suckers out. I think it will add a lot. Right now, our landscaping sucks. D ripped up to large bushes last summer and we planted a whole bunch of flowers which I didn't like. We planted those impatients and I just don't like them. SOOOOOO... we'll be working on this section of our yard this week/next weekend so... pictures to come :) If anyone has any ideas/suggestions- I'm all ears. I'll take pictures of this area soon!

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