Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday Madness...

I'm still wondering why it's only Tuesday, when it feels like it should be friday. :) Yesterday was field day at the girls school and we had a lot of fun. I had to do "shot put" (I think I caled it "shock put" in my other post, what a dork I am- lol) :) there were 3 of us doing it and man, it wore my butt OUT! The kids had to form 4 lines, they each got a soft ball (yikes) and had to see who could throw it the farthest. Needless say, I almost got hit in the head a couple of times (lol) but it was great fun! Both Aspen and Courtney won "Gold" out of their group, then they BOTH won 1st place out of their entire class. Man, I need to get these two into softball- they are AWESOME! It was funny because everyone was giving us a hard time saying we had "inside information going on" because they both won :) LOL... it was cute. :)

I thought that because I was assigned an area, that I woudln't beable to hang out with the girls throughout the day like last year, but I only had to stay in that area for 3 hours, off and on, so I was able to stay with each of the girls classes, watch them do their thing :) and even had lunch with Sissy. I was SOOOO pooped when I got home (only had a few hours of sleep sunday evening.. I was SOOoOOO tierd!).. that I just came home and CRASHED on the couch with Addi :) LOL.... Hey, with the shot put you had to chase each of the balls every single time, then run them back up to the girl at the front of the line... it was insane. AND, you guys know me, I coudln't bare to wear tennis shoes (I'm such a "girl") that I had to wear heels (dont' laugh), so my feet were SOOO stinking SORE when I got homs from running in heels [my own fault, I know...], that I wanted to die! :) I told the girls that MARK MY WORD, NEXT YEAR- their Momma will be wearing tennis shoes :)

I wish I had pictures to share from the day, but my camera batteries died on Sunday and I didn't go out and buy some :( Karen said she'll email me the ones that she took, so hopefully I will have some to share later in the week. We had a great time, though :)

Addi and I go to the zoo tommorow., and she's ever so excited! It's suppose to be really nice all week- not suppose to hit the 80's until the weekend, then it goes back to the 70's. It's insane, too.. because last year at this time it was already in the high 80's, low 90's and if you've ever been to KY it gets SOOOOO humid here- it's HORRIBLE. I really hate the summers around here... but so far this year, it's been rather cool- which is strange!

We *finally* have our Yukon at the shop (don't ask!)... we FINALLY towed the thing because after trying to jump it time and time again, it just wouldnt budge. The guy said that we need a new battery (doh!) and how he thinks the problem is something as simple as the power stirring pump or something like that.... hoping this is all it is- if so, it shouldn't be over $200, keep your fingers crossed! I'm SOOOO ready for this thing to get fixed so we can trade the thing in!

Saddie (our cat) brought up what APPEARS to be a RAT looking thing, killed it and left it as a "gift" for us on our downstairs patio. The thing is *HUGE*, I tell you! So... after seeing this darn thing, I couldn't get to sleep for ANYTHING last night (D and I have been sleeping in the spare bedroom downstairs) because I kept hearing something and I kept thinking that our bedroom and basement was infested with RATS or MICE or SOMETHING.. lol (I know, I know... such a dramafied FREAK show I am)... :) I kept D up for over an hour and kept having him get up, turn on the light, JUST to make sure. Apparently it was raining outside and the rain kept hitting something outside our window that was freaking me out. Oh, I'm sorry.... it's just that MICE FREAK ME OUT and considering we have a huge field in our backyard and the darn cat keeps on INSISTING on reminding me that there are actually MICE.. very LARGE MICE out there that he can kill, well... it just freaks me out, ok? :) LOL

Chelcey is home from school today... her school is being used for voting (yes, the primary is here in KY today).. so.. she's upstairs snoozing away. Actually, if I come back on there around 1pm, I'm sure I will be able to say the same thing. The kid would sleep the day away if she could. "Oh, the memories....." LOL

Okay, better go in and throw myself together. D wants me to help him in the office today (though I don't want to... sigh....) I'm going to be the nice chick that I am and go do it. I mean.. me, give up a day to go answer the phone, do billing, and file... I guess it "could" be worse. LOL.. thankfully his brother [ray- blah!] is traveling today so I will at least be spared from having to see him. THANK GOODNESS, or else I woudln't be going in. ANYWAYS... I'm outta here! I have pictures to share still that are on Chelcey's computer, so... hopefully I can get her to send them on over. In the meanwhile, here are a few pictures that I came across...

Here are a few that chelcey had sent me from last week of her and Sissy....


and... here are some random shots that I came across from this past year that made me smile. :)

Aspen and the Addster.. :)

Sis and Addi...love Addi's hair here :)

We made a trip into Missouri to see my family for Thanksgiving last year. Our family is QUITE the scene getting ready for a trip, let alone driving there. Of course, it's nice to have a daughter (Chelc) who loves taking pictures as much as me, to capture all the crazy times. :) Here's the scene in the yukon while D and I were still packing the car.... as Aspen would say, "Fun times, fun times".. LOL

Check out Addi with her cheeto mouth.. and Sissy's crazy expression.. this is SO my family! :) And, if you know ANYTHING about my girls when we travel (esp. Savannah), they think that they have to bring half their room to "keep them busy" and they have to bring as MANY blankets and pillows they can come across. We are always SO PACKED to the gill when we leave for a trip, the stuff alone is known to cause anixity (lol). We are SUCH a mess... a FUN mess, but a mess!!! :) LOL


and, this shot was taken last year.... another one of those moments that I'm glad I caught with pictures.... and people have to WONDER what kind of noise and fun and just plain CRAZINESS is had with a family with 5 kids? Pictures are worth a thousand words... :)

... recent pictures coming soon! :) Later...

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