Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Okay, most of you know that I love photography.... I love artsy stuff.... I love scrapbooking [which I would *love* to get back into SOON! ugh-hem!]... I have been toying around with the idea of purchasing the really big frames from pottery barn [only, NOT from pottery barn- I'm cheap that way :)] and have each of the girls picture blown up REALLY big for our basement. Got the idea out of pottery barn catolog (love that place for inspiration!).. but today,...

I found THIS AWESOME idea! and I am TOTALLY- WHOLE-HEARTEDLY in LOVE with this concept! My mind is thinking "Basement? Loft? Girls Room? Def. CHECLEY'S ROOM!"... my mind is racing and I'm going to find ONE room to display photos like this. A great mixture of B&W and Colored.... WOW.. can you FEEL my excitement? :)

So.. I wanted to share this in case it inspires one of you! Now.... I need to figure out WHICH photos to enlarge and find a place to do it. OH so excited!!!

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