Thursday, January 8, 2009

Attitude.. Cloud Girl.. and D getting violated

Man, Aspen in the morning is NOT a good way to start off ones day. The kid is just sassy to the core and just mouthy. She clearly isn't getting enough sleep and I swear, sometimes the kid thinks I don't know what I'm talking about. She has this "thank you note" which is homework, due tommorow. The directions are simple: Write the name of the person on the outside of the envelope provided, on the homework paper- write who the note is FOR and what you are thanking them for. THEN, write a small thank you note and insert inside the envelope. I mean, it's not like it's rocket science, but according to Aspen- I obviously can't read because that is NOT how you're suppose to do it. The kid drives me CRAZY sometimes. So, we were going back and forth about this because she was INSISTING that she was right. I mean, come on... try to explain to a 8 year old that the teacher includes INSTRUCTIONS for a reason. She just didn't want to hear it. I kept saying, "Aspen, it's NOT a big deal- it's not due until Friday, we'll work on it TONIGHT!". Oh, no. That can't happen. We simply MUST do it BEFORE school, when we are rushing around ANYWAYS, and we must do it "THIS WAY!". ie! ie! ie!... She left mad. I gave her a hug and a kiss on top of the head and said "I love you, have a good day" and her eyebrows were raised down *so* low that if looks could kill.. well, I sure in the heck wouldn't be typing this now. ....Some people's kids.... :)

While we're on the rants... (lol).. Courtney, my "in the clouds" child, wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles last night to buy the 2nd Twlight book. She read Chelcey's first one in 2 days and both my girls are obsessed with this book. So, she and I did a solo trip to the book store. She floats on a cloud for those who don't know her. Very simple child, but she is so not aware of her surroundings and it takes her 5 seconds to take a step.. honestly, the best way to describe her is a free spirited child who, well... floats on a cloud. I swear she was born in the wrong era and should have been a hippie child. :) You know, walking around all full of love and life with her two fingers up, saying in a very, slow voice: "Heeeeeeeey Maaaaan, Peace!". The kid is a floater. ANYWAYS.. so she was getting on one of her cloud in the book store (the day has no time limit for her, even though we had an hour to get what we needed to get done, get back home before Weds. night church service). So... I managed to get her to hurry things a long (not an easy task with that child). She keeps telling me story.... after story- after story. If you know her, you will know that a normal 3min. story turns into a very loooooong, 20min. story with Court (God bless her!). :) She doesn't leave out ONE single details.. details that someone else woudln't even think to put in a story. It just goes on... and on... and on. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE her stories.. but it's a joke in our house because man, the child has NO concept of time or how long something takes or how long a story should be. Well, after we get in the car she asked if she can get a new pair of shoes, Vans (Skateboarder shoes), if you must. Courtney prides herself on being "different"... she doesn't like to conform to other people. It's always just been her thing to do her own thing, which is cool. But.. not so cool when you're looking for SHOES with this child. So, we go to Shoe Carnival- they have Vans, but not the ones she wants. Mind you, they have about 40 OTHER pair of tennis shoes that she could CHOOSE to look at, even entertain to buy, but no. The child just walks around on her cloud (honestly.. next time: I think I will really use the video camera function on my camera.. you guys would understand where I'm coming from.. she walks SOOooOOO slow, people will pass her and she will turn around, doesn't even SEE them there (again: the cloud) and will bump into them in slow motion. I've never seen anything like it..... well, we were in that store what SEEMED like forever. I would show her shoes but she was all "I don't like how nikes look"... "I hate Sketchers"... "Those NB look like hiking shoes!"... on, and on, and on...... she still walks around the store looking at WEIRDO shoes (they reminded me of punk rocker shoes, and yes.. we are in a different age now, but when your shoes have more writing on them than your homework page, that's a problem). LOL... I kept reminding her that we have church. "Can I PLEEEEEEASE skip church and stay home and read my book?".. Ugh- NO! (She asked NO LESS than 20 times). FINALLY, the child decides to GET the only pair of Vans that they have (very similar to the ones she had before, but a different color) and watching her TRY THEM ON was as painful as the whole trip. AS she was removing her shoe, (in slow motion, mind you)- she was telling a story.. which made her focus on me, and she was trying to put the shoe on in SLOW MOTION... the whole "trying on ONE shoe took AT LEAST 8min.".. at least. What should have taken maybe 2min. aaaaaaagh!!!!!....... When THAT shoe didn't fit, most kids (or people) would just take it off and get another size. This child, put it on.. KNEW that it was too small.. kept walking around..(slowly, might I add)... "it's tight.. I think I need the size up from this"... and just kept walking around SLOOOOOOWLY, starring around. O. M. G! So I grabbed a 6.5, said "TRY THIS ONE!"...while smiling, but on the inside getting impatient. You have NO idea what shopping with this child is like. Courtney is just Courtney, that's why I love her but man.... she is NOT a shopper. She's a floater. :) LOL

I am the "Classroom Helper" in Addi's room this morning.. I have to be at the school at 10am and man, I'm sooOOooo tierd! I have to do whatever tasks Mrs. Meade has me do. Addi is really excited and kept telling me last night "Momma, you get to walk us to the library, and to lunch!". :) She's so cute! Then, Addi and I are "Scientist's of the Week" next week for the letter 'V". I think we'll do volcano's maybe????... Who knows... it always stresses me out (lol).. THEN, I'm "Lunch room Lady" next Friday (lol). I *always* pick Friday's to volenteer in the lunch room (hey, I've been at that school for awhile... I've figured it out!) :) because Friday is pizza day and the kids aren't high maintence.. they simply want ranch or hot sauce squirted on their pizzia. :) I just walk around with my little apron on (lol).... filled with napkins and squirters. LOL... The kids love it and it's always fun to be able to talk with all their friends.

I went to the dr. yesterday... took the lady FOUR times to draw blood from me and my arm can prove it. She was driving me NUTS. The dr. perscribed me some meds, so.. guess I'll start taking those later today. They can either make you wide awake or sleepy, so I want to start them mid-day when I'm back from the school in case I get sleeping/sick.... otherwise, I would wait until tonight to start and if they keep me UP-- that woudln't be good. So... we'll see how it goes. Just some issues taht I've been having that I've assumed that I can handle it on my own. We'll see...

I also went to the "stomach problem" doctor about 3-4wks ago.. the gasologoist, or HOWEVER you spell it for all my digestive problems. He said it sounds like IBS (no, really??)... gave me a probotic (Allign) which works a (little bit) and perscribed me a IBS pill. After all the research that I did online though, I haven't taken the thing. Sounds pretty brutal, the side effects.. so.... I would rather deal with IBS than half the crap that people are saying that pill does.

And.. I go in at the end of this month (28th) to the "Ultimate Vein Care" dr. for a 2hr. ultrasound on my legs (oh FUN!). I have HORRIBLE circulation (can't wear anything tight like socks or pantyhose without my legs looking like balloons- they swell up SO bad) due to the blockage in my veins. I have 2 gross veins that are overacting, so... they are going to zap those puppies. I have a friend who has just recently went through this (still going every week, I beleive) so she's been my "test friend" :).... I'm not excited about standing in panties in front a man (oh, my poor out of shape legs and BUTT.. yikes!!!!)... but- I guess ya gotta do it to shoot for the prize, right? :) LOL..... wish me luck!

Okay.. it's 8:40am, need to go in and throw myself together. D has a drs. appointment at 10am as well, so.. we'll see what the dr. says. He has an enlarged prostate but also had an infection of the prostate, along with other things (yeah, we're a mess over here) so today he is going back for him 2wk checkout to make sure the antibotics worked. FUNNY story: When he FINALLY sacked up and went to the dr (the boy HATES drs)... he was NOT expecting the dr to say "Okay, drop 'em, son!".... and he felt violated for DAYS.. and he is STILL talking about it. I was dieing laughing.... :) Man, if men only knew....

Ok.. need to scram! Have a great day everyone.. I'm off!

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