Friday, January 9, 2009

Slacker.. LEAVE!

Man.. I am sitting here in sweats, no make-up, still nappy headed from bed hed, my house is a TOTAL mess, and I just realized that it's 2pm and I have to leave my house looking presentable in the next 15min. to start picking up the herd. Where the heck did this day go? Oh wait, it passed me by because I was sitting on my REAR END all day doing absoutely N O T H I N G but play on the computer all day!!! What a waisted day. Oh well, ... I'll just need to make up for it this afternoon, I guess. :)

Just received not 1, not 2, ... but *3* new scrapbook idea books in the mail today. I sold some of my old magazines on eBay, made a little change, and then reinvested it into MORE scrapbook idea books. LOL.. SO excited to read these. Man, I want to just go over there on the couch, cuddle up with my favorite blanket by the fire, and indulge in some creative reading.

BUT... reality wins. Now stop making me type, I have to go figure out how the heck I'm going to get creative with this hair and face, and well... whatever will I wear? :)

I'll update when I get home. Lots to share....

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