Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AWESOME recipes...

Ok, if you roam around in the blog world, you probally already know of the blog called The Pioneer Woman. I've been there a few times (funny girl!), but today I was linked there because I was looking up recipes (you know, *still* killing time to NOT clean)lol .. anyways, if you don't do anything else productive today/night.. you simply MUST check out her recipes GO HERE RIGHT NOW! She takes you through each step, with PICTURES, and OMG.. the recipes are TDF.. looks ever so scrumptious and don't *think* even this chick won't be attempting them. I've been so bored with what I've been cooking lately (don't we all go through that?) and I'm telling you- these look so good and are totally do-able- almost easy, dare I say. Click on the link above for a really scrumptious looking meatloaf, a very yummy chicken dish (though not the healthiest, I'm, and the little meatball thingies look incredible. I am also eyeing these mouth watering bacon appetizers. They look SO simple, yet so yummy! and.. if all this bacon talk isn't enough for you, her Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies make my mouth water. :) If you want the link to ALL the recipes featured on there, CLICK THIS BABY! And, if you're looking for something a (little) more healthy..This veggie bagel has me foaming at the mouth. *MUST TRY THIS ONE FOR SURE!*.... Dude, I'm loving this lady!!!

Ok.. it's almost noon and I'm sitting here in the same clothes that I had on yesterday [maybe because I slept in my sweatshirt because it was so cold?] :).. I know, this is a PERFECT reason why I need a job. To get up every morning, get all fixed up, and actually do something with my day and actually get PAID for it? Man.. Ok, so the whole "getting up early" part sucks. I'm not a morning person, but... I am up at 6:30am every morning anyways.. instead of just staying in comfy clothes until 2pm when it's time to get the girls when I finally throw myself together... I'd just shower/get ready EARLY. :) Ok.. wanted to share this site. GO TO THE COOKING page above. You can thank me later- no rush! :)

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