Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photo shoot tonight.. yeah!

The girls and I are heading after school to a "photo shoot" that I'm really excited for :) Chelc and I found the most awesome abandoned house that has such a cool, rustic feel to it in the fall. I took some awesome shots of Chelcey that she developed in class and they came out awesome. So, since Chelc has her project due on Friday, we're going to head over there after school and not only take some of the little ones, but also of the rest of us. :) I'm excited... it's actually suppose to be like 50 degrees today, which will be awesome.

Church last night was... interesting. :) LOL... Ususally, on Weds. nights it's bible study night. Well, the 3rd Weds. of the month is always "Mens Ministry" and "Woman's Misistry" and I've always avoided it. (Won't explain why.. I won't bore you.. lol) anyways.. We went and sure enough, we had to split up and go into our class. It was SOOOoooOO incredibly BORING I just kept laughing out loud. If you know me, you know that I'm very outspoken.. even when there is a room full of people and it's ABSOUTELY QUITE. NO ONE was talking... not even the devotional leader.. everyone was just looking around. We had devotional for about 5min., and I kid you not.. the rest of the time was just WEIRD/AQWARD. SILENCE.. not praying, mind you- which you think she would have lead us in.... but SILENCE. The kind of silence where it's "No one knows what to do/say... so.. we'll all just sit here!"... I blurted out "Wow, we sure do have a wild bunch in here tonight!".. LOL :) That broke some ice. Then, I blurted out 10min. later, "Are you guys always so talkative?".. :) I really don't understand the meaning of the group, and another lady asked what exactly the woman's ministry is all about.. and even after that question, we really didn't get an answer. I am beginning to wonder if they even know. LOL.... So... when it was finally over and my eyes were about to boggle out of my head, we met the kids out in the antrium. D, still in the men's minstry class, was still in there.... for AN ADDITIONAL 45min. I was *sooooo* ready to go. He, eventally had a great time- even led them in prayer, which he never has before.. of course, he has a great group of men to chat with. Not that the woman's group doesn't have a wonderful group- I LOVE my church family, but... they are all MUCH older than me and there are only (maybe) 3 woman around my age who, of course, weren't there that night. I mean, when the highlight of the evening was when Sister Ana (who is 94yrs. old, STILL driving, and delivers over 1000 phone books a MONTH!- The woman is a manaic.. lol).. stood up and told us a story about her locking her keys in the car. Needless to say, I think I will continue to avoid the 3rd Weds. of the month. I made suggestions last night that were glassed over like I was a weirdo (lol).. I suggested as a group, or even as a church, we could make arrangements to go downtown to one of the shelters- homeless/woman's/or children's shelter and volenteer as a group. That wasn't very well received... which, I thought was a little weird. But.. so it goes. I'll continue going to my bible study on Weds. nights, which I am throughly enjoying- learning LOTS.. but from now on, come the 3rd Weds. of the month. You will find me at home, doing something OTHER than sitting in silence trying to break the ice. LOL... funny stuff!

D had the nerve yesterday (last night) to ask me what the deal is with the job. I mean, really.. is he serious? Yeah, he still doesn't know if I even WENT to (what he thinks) was an interview. He's been fishing with all the kids with no bite... and well, I pretty much told him not to worry about it last night that he sure didn't care when I needed him to care.... so don't worry about it now. That shut him up.

I have 3 conferences at school tommorow, along with Scientest of the Week in Addi's class as well... volcanos, I'm guessing? Yeah.. still need to put together the project (letter v), but a snack for all 13 kids that starts with "v" (Vanilla pudding with Vanilla waffers on top, maybe?).... and get prepared. I'm such a slacker.. I mean, do I really have to wonder why a few of my kids are last minute nelly's, too? Ugh.

Ok... already showered and put make-up on. Need to go dry my hair, then clean this house. Didn't do it yesterday- just picked it up- and it *needs* to be cleaned.

Ok.. my hair is air drying and you do NOT want to see the final look if THAT happens. Scary stuff- totally flat to my head. And well, that is NEVER a good thing. I'll be back later to share pictures from this afternoon :) I'm excited....

Have a good day!

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