Friday, January 30, 2009

Coming to you from CHICAGO...

Yeah, so you probally guessed since I haven't been posting that WE LOST POWER. The ice storm caused over 600,000 people to lose power and we were one of them! Ours went out around 3:30pm on Weds., so we packed up and stayed at D's father's house. Carson, Chelcey's best friend, came along with us. Our cat is still there- but our gas fireplace is still on, so it's not freezing or anything... he's smart enough to know to go in front of the fireplace if he gets cold. Poor thing. D has a hotel inspection next week and was wanting to take a trip to Orland Park, IL anyways, so... he said why not, since we're without power anyways. So... that's what we did. D and I went back to the house yesterday to pack (always fun!), and we took all of our food over to D's dads house so it woudln't go bad. I had to throw away quite a bit of meat/chicken though from the freezer because it had thawed out, so that sucked. ESP. since I *just* went to the store and dropped a near fortune in doing so. Oh well.. it could be worse.

So.. all of us are here in Chicago, Carson too. D is working and I'm getting ready to take the girls down swimming- they are excited. :) My sinus' have been acting up SOOOO bad between D's dads house and the hotel.. I'm just so darn sensitive to smoke (His dads house) or hotel rooms.... my face just blows UP. I look like I packed on 15lbs in just my face. Head has been pounding, along with pressure in my neck and you can imagine how great I feel. Sucks.

They are saying it culd be 7-10 days before power is restored, up to 2wks in some areas. I am PRAYING (praying!!!!!!) ours doesn't take that long. Man, there's just something about the comfort and routine of your own home. The girls are (naturally) out of school all this week, but not sure about next week. It's suppose to warm up on Sunday so hopefully it will melt the majority of it. Although, they were saying how when it melts, it will cause the tree branches to pop back up which could cause MORE power outages. Can't win. Chelcey took tons of pictures, but we left the camera USB cord at home, so I'll have to wait until we get back in town to share. I'm telling you, the city looks CRAZY.. it looks so strange, yet pretty at the same time. We had to drive to 4 different banks before we left town because they were all closed. Half the city is without power... nuts!

Ok.. kids are standing in front of me with their swimming suits on, so... need to throw myself together and take them down there. :) I *did* bring all my coupons and my new coupon holder, so I'm planning on at least making the best of my time and sorting/cutting all of those suckers. I have a TON that I haven't even cut- just go through them when I'm going to the store and pull out the ones I need, so... this will surely keep me busy. LOL....

Ok.. I'm off. Enjoy your day guys and I'll be back later, I'm sure. :)

See ya.

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