Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm Pictures-

It rained/iced ALL night long and just stopped this morning. It looks CRAZY outside right now.. ice is everywhere, trees are lopsided or so heavy from ice that they have fallen over. Power lines are down left and right, there are tree branches EVERYWHERE that have broken off, and there is a car that slid into a fence. Nutty stuff. Our power continues to flicker- we lost power for about 5min., but THANKFULLY that was it & it came back on. D is at a meeting right now (don't ask, he is his own creature and there is nothing anyone can do/say to make him understand that it's not the least bit safe out there. So, whatever... what can you do?

I snapped some pictures this morning- not the greatest, but you can get an idea of how much ice we have. Our neighbors trees were so heavy that their entire backyard is full of branches and their tree is hanging over our backyard fence right now. Pictures are below.... crazy stuff. Half the city is shut down and there are so many without power, including D's brother & his family. Carson, Chelcey's best friend, lost power around 2am so she's getting ready to head over this way to stay with us.

Needless to say.. kids are home from school :) looks like they'll be out for the rest of the week because it's not suppose to get any better today, and they are already scheduled to be out for Friday anyways. So... I bet they are loving it. :)
Anyways.. here are some pictures. Click on each pictures to seen them bigger... blogger always resizes them automatically.

Ok, this is our neighbors house across the street. Their little tree is so full of ice, the branches have completely fallen downward. Looks pretty cool.

Here's a closeup... hard to see because of the snow, though...

Matt & Tabitha live up the street and this is their tree which now appears like something in the ocean. :) It's REALLY cool looking!

A few shots of our trees....

Here's our backyard..our neighbor Ty's trees are ALL over his backyard- they have all fallen over and branches are everywhere. One of his trees are now leaning over our fence and is somewhat in our yard now. It looks crazy out there...

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