Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it Monday... ALREADY?

Man, where did the weekend go? I'm getting ready to go crawl back in bed (I know, nice... right?) because I am SO not ready to start my day. Trust me.. I'm grouchy, I look exzausted.. it's for everyone's own good.

I couldn't get Aspen nor Savannah up this morning.... they will be late for school today, poor D for having to walk them in and sign them in (he hates that more than you know!). Addi was the first one up, first one dressed, first one fed, and the first one with her coat on with backpack in hand. This is the kid that on Monday of every week, who doesn't have homework until Tuesday, or doesn't have to know her bible verses until Friday to recite to the class... is telling you Monday after school that "We need to practice my bible verse" and what homework will be do on Tuesday, which needs to be done (in her mind) on Monday (that evening). I know what you're thinking... "Is Addison really mine and Darryl's child? Sometimes I have to wonder that myself..." :) She's SO respsonsible, she listens SO well, and she's VERY (very!) organized. The other 4?...... don't ask. They really are my children, no denying that! On top of it all, Savannah left this morning without her library books which, reflects that I'm a disorganized mess myself. In all honesty, i *had* the library books sitting in her library bag ON the kitchen desk for today. You will find Addi's in the desk drawer, Aspen's in the desk drawer... it's where we keep them so when library day comes.. we're prepared. HOWEVER.. Savannah decided, unbeknown to me.. that she was going to 'play" with them yesterday. I didn't realize this until we were running around this morining since the kid WOULD NOT get up out of bed (seriously... her and Aspen would not budge.. I had to shake them a million times to just make sure they were breathing.. they were that out of it. PUNKS!!!!.. Anyways, so.. no library books for her. Mrs. Gates, I'm sure, will just shake her head. But.. what can ya do?

Yesterday was a busy day and we didn't get home from church last night until 9:20pm. Service is at 6pm, but man.. it was realy intense with worship/prayer last night (major!!!!!).. so service went over about an hour longer than ususal. Then, 3got baptized (one being Issiah who is a CRACK UP.. he's 21 years old, a TOTAL riot, and it was just such a blessing to watch him get bapitized!). Then, we had fellowship in the gym- lots of food and we just hung around talking/cracking up until we realized what time it was. We had church yesterday morning We were late, too... are you seeing a trend? but only by 15min., so.. it wasn't "that" bad. Service was awesome- we have such a great worship team!! Pastor's sermon was good.. it was about how to get favor in your life and the things that are expected (basics people, basics.....). It was good. Really good, actually.....

We made D's dad dinner last night.. and took that over to him. D made his awesome philly cheese steak sandies, w/ twice baked potato's and a cold pasta that turned out really good. I think I'll have the pasta for lunch actually... (yes, it's 8:13am and I'm already thinking about that pasta for lunch. So sad.. lol).

I'm on a hunt for a coupon holder today... can't find one for the life of me. I want to cut and organized my coupons (I have a TON of them!), because every time I go to the store, I have to go through each of them to find the ones that I might need. I NEED A BETTER SYSTEM.. so, I'm hoping to find one of those suckers today. Wish me luck.....

Nothing else too exciting on the agenda today. Laundry, dishes, probally go to the office for a bit with D. Not to work today thought, our basement artwork is over there and I need to bring it back home :) and.. I have a TON of scrapbook stuff left over there from when I had the magazine (boxes!!!).. so, I want to sort through that and bring it over here. How's the scrapbook room coming, you ask? It hasn't changed in 2wks. D is really good at starting projects, it's the follow-through that's the problem. So.. we'll see. I did read 2 of the 3 idea books that I got the other day (Good stuff!) so I hope he finsihes it soon. I think he's just going to leave that room the color that it is... the flow of colors aren't the greatest, but it *does* look better now that it's dry. I'll take pictures today of the "in progress" scrap room :)

Ok.. D will be home in about 15min. (I'm SO lucky that he drives them in the morning... he does it in the winter, I do it in the fall/spring.. I'm just NOT a "get out in the cold in the MORNING" type of person). So.. I want to go hop back in bed (shutup, I'm TIERD people!!!!!).. and go cuddle with my cat. :) Hey, I'm sure it will only be a short litle nap... like 45min. because D NEVER lets me sleep, so... i'm going to run in there and take FULL advantage of the little amount of time that I have.

Oh.. ALL of our can lights in our great room (20ft. ceilings) are now offically ka-put! Every last one. We spent like $40/ea on those light bulbs because they were suppose to last a year (which, ... they did). But there has to be SOME kind of light bulb that has to last longer than that. How in the world are we going to change them? They are the big kind so that long stick-like-thing that you reach up from a long distance and do it, won't work. Last year we were having the house painted, so we just had the painters change them out. This year? Not so much.. and this weekend has been EVER so dark in that room. I have to figure out a plan soon though, becuase if it's left up to D... we'll be sitting around in the dark forEVER people. Seriously. So... any ideas?

Thanks and ugh, see ya after the nap. :)

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