Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Rambles...

D just left with the 3 little squirts because all 3 of them have been saving up their tooth fairy money :) for awhile now, and it finally burnt a hole in their pocket. So... D took them to Gamestop so Aspen could buy a new DS game, and then to the Dollar Tree so they can each buy what they wanted. :) Everything in that place is $1, so.. ya gotta love that. I was going to go with them, but... I was cleaning earlier and haven't done anything to this face/head of mine (lol).. so... he got tierd of waiting on me. Hopefully he doesn't come back so stressed out it ruins our night. :) The 3 of those kids together, in a store... SOLO.. has that impact on ya. :)

Savannah stayed the night with her best friend Payton last night, the same little girl who freaked out when she spent the night with us over Christmas break. :) Sis has stayed over there before, so it wasn't a big deal... she was just really excited. Then, Courtney spent the night with Corrine last night... and Chelcey had Carson spend the night over here. Always something going on....

I was classroom helper the other day in Addi's class and she was so cute. :) I had to pull pages out of books, colate them, just odds and ends to help Mrs. Meade. Addi kept staring at me and smiling.. her little friends kept waving at me every 5min. (lol).. it was cute. Then, after that I had lunch with Addi... then with Sis.... then with Aspen :) because they are all one grade behind/up from one another, they all each lunch within 10min. of one another.. sis and addi are in the lunch room together for about 10min., and aspen and sis are in there for about 5min. at the same time. :) I didn't eat.. just sat down with them and hung out :) but, they really enjoyed it.

D had his dr. appointment and is being sent all over the place for specialists. His blood pressure was WAAAAY out of wack- super hugh, so they did an EKG (checked out fine)... but he has to go see a uroligist, a GI dr., and someone else.... the dr. said he's worried about him because of eveyrhting going on and because he is so young. So... off to get that boy straightened out. oh, and he was VERY happy to report that he wasn't voiloated (but).. he goes back in 2wks, so.. I'll let ya know how it goes then (lol).

Okay... D just called and said he was on his way home to get me. They just went to buy the DS game, but he's not going solo to the dollar tree with all 3 of them. :) So.. he's coming back to get me. Such a nice guy.. lol :) So.. need to get off of here, throw the 'ole hair up in a pony tail (will help hide the grey hair.. I SOOOO need my hair highlighted.. oh my!!)- and then throw on some makeup. It's really yucky (rainy/cloudy/cold) out today, so not a big deal. :) I'm hoping to upload some more pictures later so hopefully I'll have more to share soon. I'm starting a project called "Project 365" today- taking a picture a day and journalling about it, for the entire year :) I'm EXCITED... and it will help me start CREATING. More on that later... need to scram!

See ya!

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