Saturday, January 31, 2009

Power is BACK ON!

Yes!! SO excited, you have no idea! I called home and our answering machine came on- whoo-hoo :) so then I called our neighbors just to confirm. Guess it came on late last night. So.. we're heading tommorow- HOME!!! ((yes!!!!))..

I've been trying to upload that video from yesterday for HOURS, but it's not uploading. So.. just bare with me :) hopefully I can get it to upload via youtube.. so, stay tuned :)

We took the girls back to the pool late last night, and I'm getting ready to hop in the shower and take them down there again. Fun stuff... eeh.. for them. LOL I clipped some coupons, read a magazine... :) nothing too thrilling, but.. they are having fun so that's all that matters.

Courtney doesn't have a voice- and now my throat is hurting. Why that child was drinking my tea yesterday when she thought she was getting sick is beyond me. Punk. So, who knows... we'll have to hit the dr. on Monday if her voice isn't back. She wasn't feelin the best yesterday- sore throat and headache, but feels better today other than no voice. Hopefully no one else catches whatever this is.... always something.

Ok.. need to hop in the shower to throw myself together so these kids can get some swim time in and so we can go down and get something for lunch. I need to go hunt down the housekeeper to get some clean towels.... so.. need to scram :) LOL...


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