Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's are always *so* hard, aren't they?

*Yawn*... I am so not ready for the week to start. I feel like the weekend went by way to darn fast, but.. oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. :) Chelcey is home from school today, doesn't feel good- mainly just congested.. she's been this way since Friday, so... she's back in bed. Courtney was cute, kept saying "I think you need to keep me home too, I think I need my appedendix out!".. don't ask- the kid is always talking about her appendenix (in a joking kind of way)... she's always a hoot! Babies (I don't think I'll ever stop referring to them as "babies", habit I guess.. lol) got off to school on time and you'll be so proud of me. I packed lunches today! Yes, it's true... "GO ME!" :)

Actually, yesterday D and I went to the store because we had a chili/soup cook-off at church last night and we needed to get the ingredients. I went ahead and made a massive list of stuff we needed, with my clipped coupons (again, I know you're proud.. just admit it! and we were off. Let me first say that he was messing with me in the chip asile, and knocked over a jar of SALSA *ka-plat* and I screamed "Clean up on asile 7!.. then, I was walking with the chicken salad container, dropped it once.. not big deal. Dropped it again when I found D in another asile, and doncha know.. *Ka-plat!* Chicken salad went everywhere. Of course, it wouldn't have been complete without the, "Clean up in asile 4!". Yes, I had to do it. The store was PACKED and I mean PACKED.. I will *never* attempt to grocery shop on a sunday afternoon.. like, ever! We ended up getting a lot of healthy stuff- tons of fruit and veggies- and the two of us together at a store probally isn't the best. You know, that whole lack of communication thing that we have going on. He was putting things in the cart that I had already put in, etc. etc... our cart was *litterally* overflowing and things kept falling out- people were looking at us like we were nuts! LOL... Our grand total before coupons/kroger plus card discounts? *gulp*.. $325!! I thought I was going to fall over! Total AFTER the coupons/plus card savings $271. Yes, STILL a mouth-dropping-total, but... we got a TON of stuff and even though I didn't grab that much meat, I'm hoping this will take us at least 1.5wk. We'll see.. my kids are little pigs and I TOLD them last night- from now on, ONE snack after school (they RAID the food when they come home), and that's it. Ususally, they'll eat and eat, and eat....... so- we'll see if the new rule helps. Doubtful, because you always have your "sneaker kid" who like to sneak the food and then leave the empty wrapper in the pantry (don't you LOVE this? Ugh....). I got a lot of stuff I normally don't buy thanks to my new best friend, The Pioneer Woman, her bad self and her killer receipes. And dude, I got stuff for my mouth drooling veggie bagel sandie ALL except for *2* things thatI forgot: Purple onion and Tomato's.. both of which I spazzed on since at the end, we were running out of there because we had just over an hour to get back home, put the groceries away, cook chili and then get back to church at 6pm. So.. guess I'll go back later today. Hey, I wouldn't even bother going back but dude- I MUST have that sandwich. It looks SO yummy! I also got the stuff to make this killer looking olive cheese bread.. dude, doesn't this stuff look AWESOME? Sounds/looks totally easy, too. I'll let ya know how it comes out :) *slurp!*... good stuff, that pioneer woman. Maybe I should move to a ranch.. wonder if that would help me and my domistic challenged self? Hey.. it's a thought, I've always wants to visit Montana anyways! :.. Hmmmm... I could become a wife of a rancher, ugh-couldn't I? LOL... Oh, thanks to Michelle I picked up the small accordian file thingie for my coupons (Whaaa-hooo, thanks girlie!) so I just need to CLIP all the piles of the coupons that I have, then file away! I'm so stoked! :)

Friday was a busy day at school.. we had 3 teacher conferences for the little ones (Savannah update soon!), then we did Scientist of the Week in Addi's class. Our letter was "V", and even though I wanted to do "Veggies", D wanted to do Volcano's. So.. we did a powerpoint presentation of pictures for the kids, I printed some stuff off the internet so I didn't have to shell out $20 on a darn book (lol), and.. we made a volcano erupt out of vinegar and baking powder.. pretty cool. Here's the volcano before we left for the school :)

The FUNNIEST thing happened though.. I was reading to the kids and I was "suppose" to say "HOT ASH" and instead, I said "HOT ASS!".. Oh. My. Flipping. Word! I thought I was going to die. D's face turned BRIGHT red, Mrs. Meade didn't even look up and me? I just rolled with it, corrected myself, and went on reading :) After school though, Mrs. Meade and I were talking and she said "Oh my goodness, I was going to look up but knew once I did, I would lose it!".. Good thing :) THankfully, I dont' *think* any of the kids caught us. Of course, I can just see little josh now (totally "johnny on the spot"- love this kid!).. he probally went home and said, "Mom, Addi's mom came to school and told us about hot asses!".. :) LOL...... TOOOOO funny!

Saturday was a busy day.. Chelc, Court, and I went shopping for some scrapbook stuff. Yes, can you beleive it? :) We hit Ben Franklins Crafts, Micheals, and my favorite "Tuesday Morning".. if you've never been to a Tuesday Morning, you simply MUST find one and GO! It's an over-stock of things. for example, I got 350 sheets of KI Memories Scrapbook paper, retails for $65, for $9.99. I was SO stoked. LOVE that place. They have home decor, and well... anything else that you can imagine. We also hit Wal-mart (exciting, I know....)- just mosied around. Got home to find D had set up my scrapbook room downstairs (still not all the way done, few more cabinets need to be hung and the shelves up, but... it's "workable" right now). So, at least 1/2 my scrappin' stuff is down there now so I can scrapbook when i want. Now, lets see how long it takes before the babies have my stuff scattered out everywhere. I'm SURE.

Church was great yesterday morning.. awesome service and I went up to the alter and prayed for these two ladies who were needing prayer and OMG, how intense it was! I was covered in the Holy Spirit and I was bawling my eyes out (not on purpose, mind you!) and my hand was moving so incredibly fast over this one little ladies back. INTENSE STUFF.... for those who have yet given their heart and life over to God, I really wish you could just expierence one ounce of what I feel to make you understand that it's REAL, this whole God thing. He's not just a figmit of poeple's imaginations... He's not just a "name" people call to when they think they need someone or something to pick them back up. He is the real thing. Oh, the expierences that I could share that would blow your mind. Honestly... so when you guys hear me speak of Jesus, know how I woudln't lead you astray. I'm not one to convience people of anything- I'm very open minded and find the good in all people, and I have always embraced the differences in those around me. I will never push my beleifs on anyone, but those that I care so deeply about- I just want you to know that I would never *ever* try to lead you to something that isn't REAL. People may have expierenced a bad church service, or seen things on TV that has worped their minds of what God is truly about. PLEASE REMEMBER that there are ALL kinds of denominations of churches out there. (I go to an Assembly of God- LOVE it!) Ok.. I'm done (for now!!) :) But please.. just keep an open mind, that's all I'm asking.

OMG, funny story! So, we had to be back at church at 6pm for the member business meeting and also the chili/cook cook-off. Remember me telling you about Sister Anna the other day? She's like 96-97yrs. old, still driving, and she delivers phonebooks for a living. The woman is a manaic, I'm telling ya! She's SO little and just so cute. Last night, after we all ate (never have I seen so much chili in all my life.. lol)... Me, Jenna, Isiah, Chris and D were standing around talking. I look over and Sister Anna was standing in front of the desert table LICKING the serving knife of Jenna's Dumpcake. We were laughing soooooo hard because it was like no big deal to her- like "Who cares, I can lick this if I want to!" :) She was GOING TO TOWN on that knife too, let me tell you! LOL.. We were losing it! I piped up, "Finger Lickin' Good!" :) That woman, she was oblivious to it all.... :) So cute!

Ok, LOTS to do today. I need a productive day and I need to get going before the urge of crawling back in bed takes over....fight it girl, you can do it... just fight it! :) Would you think less of me if I admited that my CHRISTMAS tree was still up? You WOULD?, Oh, ugh.. okay then.. ummm just scratch that last part then. You didn't hear a thing.


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