Monday, January 26, 2009

Messed up HAIR CUT. Ugh...

My hairdresser lady [ERIN!!!!] sure must have had some burnin ears as I was getting ready for Church yesterday, that I can assure you! The woman MESSED UP MY HAIR last week.

My hair was *finally* grown out from a HORRIBLE bad hair cut over a year ago. Some freakshow [at another salon] took a razor to my hair to give it "oomph" so she said, and she WACKED it- flipping MESSED it up- crazy short layers everywhere. I cried for almost 6mo., I'm not lieing. I HATED my hair. Well, that was a little over a year ago and may hair was FINALLY [finally!!!!] almost all grown out from the messed up layers/weirdo razor cuts. And honeslty, I was beginning to like my hair again, which it had been a LONG time since that had happened. Well, I needed my dead ends trimmed.. TRIMMED..(now can YOU understand what that means? Because for some reason, no hairdresser I've ever WENT to can underdstand what I mean when I say it!!). My ends looked horrible, really needed them trimmed, but I was freaked out about letting anyone even trim my hair because of the above wack job of a hairdresser last year. Well, my new hairdresser who colors my hair, ERIN (yes, I feel the need to shout out her name because after this hair cut mess, her name DESERVES special attention....)- I told her I wanted it TRIMMED. *AFTER* she started cutting she announced, "I"m taking a little over 1.5 inch off your hair!". I said,. "WHAT?".. then, she started picking up peices of my hair on top and cutting them in a LAYERED fashion. I screamed, "OMG, TELL me you're not LAYERING my hair!".. She said, "yeah.." I said "NO!!!! I've been growing out my layers for over a YEAR NOW- I HATE that style!!!".... She just kept on going like no big deal (too late now, is what she was probally thinking!!! oooh, I was hot to trot! Those who know me know how nice, sweet, blah-blah-blah I am (hey, this is my blog.. work with me here poeple.. lol).. but when someone makes me mad, I'm VERY out-spoken (I take after my father, Larry is his name in case you want to point the blame at him! :))- and well, I let her have it. My hair SUCKS right now. SUCKS. The layers on TOP of my head are SHORTER than my bangs, more than half the length of the bottom of my hair. I was almost in tears yesterday trying to curl my hair for church-I now offically HATE my hair...all over again. The lady argued with me saying that she didn't cut certain parts of my hair (like the SHORT "ash" (lol) part on the top of my head!) and I kept saying, "it was NOT like that when I came in!".. So, I'm tempted to send her manager/owner lady the before and AFTER shots with a not so friendly "this lady messed up my hair!" note. Yes, it's been a week since she cut it- but I've been pulling it up ever since because down it just looks like I have a mullet on top of my head and I just want to scream everytime I see it. So NOW, it's going to take me ANOTHER FREAKING YEAR of my life to grow these STUPID layers out (I LOATHE layers.. HATE THEM).

And, of top of UGLY layers, my hair is now offically WEIRD looking. When I curl it, these two funked out layers wing up.. it's WEIRD I tell you. WEIRD!!!!

WHY do I always have to find the hairdressers who think they are God and give you the hair style that *they* want to give you, without even flipping ASKING?.... Needless to say, my head is not pretty. That woman (ERIN!!! in case you MISSED her name the first time.. at THE DAZZEL SALON ) better hope that I don't run into her anywhere... because I will take her down.. I will take her down to china town.

Oh yeah.. china town indeed!!!! punk ASH!!!!!

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