Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno thingies ... gotta try these suckers!

Okay, you guys know how much I adore The Pioneer Woman, the woman just rocks. Well, I've tried a few of her receipes, all of which have came out awesomely, might I add. We are *obsessed* okay, maybe the word *addicted* it more like it, to these amazing Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno thingies. I must confess that I have made these things about 5 times since finding this receipe and they are DA BOMB! I made some more last night while chatting with Mom on the phone :) and let me just add that one can never get enough of these bad boys! They are just SO YUMMY! So.. just because I wouldn't be a very good friend if I didn't keep throwing this receipe in your face to FORCE you to make them, well.. I'm going to do it again.

Now go TRY THEM. Honestly, you will LOVE me for it. Or, well.. Love the Pioneer Woman for it, hey.. it doesn't even matter. These suckers are SCRUMPTIOUS!

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