Saturday, February 28, 2009

So, THERE you are, stranger!

Hey guys,
Sorry that I've been a slacker and haven't updated the 'ole blog recently. Life always has a way of grabbing us and throwing us in a different direction sometimes.

Things are going good. Not great, but good. :) I just finsihed doing dishes, sweeping my floor, and dusting... fun, fun- right? D had a meeting at the office this morning at 8am, and he was at the office preparing for this meeting with everyone until almost 1am. Chelcey had work until 11:30pm last night, so I had to get out and get her- and she's back at work at 10am today. Courtney is at a church pre-teen/teen girl workshop that goes from 10-5pm today. Teaches them about self-worth, self-value, etc. etc. She was excited, and so was I. She went with her friend Sarah, so we meet up with them at 9:45am. It's COLD outside, so running around early on a Saturday was not what I wanted to do (lol).. but, what can ya do?

Chelcey's job is going really good- she loves it. I don't know if I shared but she works at Puzzles Fun Dome which is a huge indoor playroom for kids. Lots of inflatables, slides, put-put golf, etc. etc. They have already trained her to do party hosting and she made $40 in tips yesterday, and has 2 back to back parties today which she was excited about! Ususally they don't train you as a party hostess until after 1 year, but she's awesome with the kids [wonder why she can't be that way to her own sisters? lol]- and they trained her after 2mo., which is huge! She loves it and since she's been grounded for the last 3 weeks [until she's 18 don't ya know.. lol], she's trying to work as much as possible :) Smart kid. Better to make money than spend it. Well, on the other hand..... :) lol

We have our first church "Fall Festival" planning committee meeting tommorow evening, I can't even begin to start thinking about pumpkins and fall things right now, but... gotta get a head start I guess. D and I are in charge of the committee so at least we aren't being thrown in at the last minute like last year. Talk about stress! So, I'm going to recruit as many people to help out this year as possible and start assigning jobs so everything doesn't fall into our laps again. The event did okay last year, I just want it to go over much better this year [2 of our inflatables kept de-flating last year because the generator coudln't handle it.. it was SO funny!! :) LOL.. So, hopefully we can learn from last year and know what we need and what we don't need this year. :) I'm excited, I really enjoyed planning it last year but it was just the whole last minute thing that stressed me out. So.. this year, major head start.

I woke up with a sore throat today [really bad] and Courtney was saying that her throat was hurting, too. So.. we'll ride it out and see if it amounts to anything. Scarey since strep throat [and the flu] is going around both schools. *insert rolling eyes here*. Courtney is ALL the time drinking my un-sweet tea [the child is obsessed, anytime I make a cup, she HAS to drink it. Yet she never wants her own, go figure- right? :)] so.. I'm sure she's the culprit of the "passing of the germs". So, we'll see.

I went through the girls clothes yesterday for about 2.5hrs- made quite the dent. I want to get a few lots up on ebay to start replacing the "outgrown" clothes with "new spring/summer" clothes, so this is my goal today. Our church is having our annual yard sale at the end of March, so whatever doesn't sell- off to the church it goes. I just want this stuff out of here, ya know? Remember how much progress I made in that ROUNCHY garage last year because of the church sale? :) Well, this year- I'm hoping to clear out the remaining stuff out there. The fish tank that we've *never* used in the last 10 years, and all the "stuff" that has just stayed in the same place since we moved in., umm.. what? 3 years ago? So yeah, that's on the agenda over the next few weeks... :) Should be fun... [yea right!]

Addi has a birthday party on Tuesday [Caleb] so we went to Chuckee-Cheeses [I LOATHE that place, just in case you were wondering.. lol]. She has a really good time, and I survived :) So... it all worked out. I thought it was weird to have a birthday party during a school night, kinda threw our schedule off, but oh well.

Don't know if I have shared but D has lost about 50lbs. Yea, 50lbs. He's dropped from a 42 pant size down to a 36/38. He just started eating healthy and cut out the soda and it just started falling off. Chelcey has also started losing weight, I think she's dropped about 10lbs since starting Puzzles.. it's all that running around :) Plus, we've all stopped drinking soda and we are eating more healthy so I'm sure that has something to do with it, too. That soda [all that sugar] will do it faster than anything.

Ok.. need to scram! D and Courtney are gone until 5-6pm, Chelcey works until 3pm, so I'm going to try to take advantage of the day while I can. It's so much easier to do when the house isn't as full, ya know? Sis and Addi are playing Barbies [typical!], Aspen is vegging out watching Sponge Bob [nice!], and I want to get some stuff rolling. I refuse to have a wasteful day :) Tommorow we're at church all day so Saturday is ususally the only day that we have to actually do what we need to do, ya know? :) Okay.. have a wonderful day and I'll try to upload some new pictures a little later.

See ya!

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