Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

It's a beautiful day.. (singing in my best "Jon and kate Plus 8" theme song voice)... it's like 63 right now and the snow and ice is *finally* melting. Horray! The girls are outside playing in it now. What a slushy mess. :)

I woke up PUMPED up today, too. Cleaned the house by 9am, then ran on the treadmill for half an hour (burned 175 calories.. nice!). :) So.. at least I felt like I accomplished something. LOL. Sissy stayed home from school again today. Oh, forgot to update yesterday. She was running pretty high fever Weds. night- her whole body ached (sounded like the flu & what Courtney had in Chicago....). So she missed Thurs & Friday. She's feeling better, still complaining of a headache and her throat, though.. she was feverish this morning so I kept her home. She's going to have *so* much work to catch up on which sucks. The kid has only been to school 2 times in 2wks between the ice, us out of town, and now her being sick. ugh. She and I watched 'Nims Island" yesterday which was cute. :)

Tonight is the Father/Daughter Social at school tonight (dance).. the girls are really pumped. They get to get all fancied up in church clothes so I'll def. take pictures :) Sissy really wants to go :( so... not sure what we're going to do there. I hate for her to miss it, and she *is* feeling better.. but she didn't go to school today so I don't really feel right about letting her go tonight, KWIM? We'll see....

Chelcey is going to homecoming tommorow. Got her dress the other night- very cute- and we have to go shoe shopping tonight. Should be fun.. ummm.. yeah. So, that's on the agenda tonight.

What else.... hmmm... guess that's about it, for now. I'll be back on later with pictures from tonight. :) Promise :)


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