Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buried in homework...

Holy cow.. if you don't see me around for awhile, know that it's because we are PILED with make-up work over here. and I mean PILED!!!!!.. We kept the little ones home on Tuesday since we didn't get home until after midnight on Monday, (and).. we found out that the school "just this time" decided NOT to go by the public school closings, as they always have before, so the little ones and Courtney actually DID have school on Monday. So.. they are really behind. AND.. on top of that, they have to make up all the missed days... including GOOD FRIDAY which is *wacked* to me. It's a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL and they have to go on GOOD FRIDAY? ie. ie. ie...

Anyways.. Louisville is a mess. Trees are down everywhere, limbs are everywhere- still have ice on the ground. I almost busted my boo-tay in the parking lot when I picked up the girls. I always park in the parking lot to avoid car pool so I'm not stuck in that line for over an hour (it's nuts!). so, I park and then walk to get them. The parking lot was NOTHING but a sheet of ice. Mr. Smith, the PE Teacher who is a hoot, is the traffic patrol dude every day :) so we are always cutting on each other. I kept almost falling and he laughed and said "I'm going to laugh when you fall... but, then I'll come and help you back up!".. the punk!:) I didn't fall, so.. that was a good thing.

Ok.. need to run to the PO, Bank, and to the office to grab some checks. We have church tonight, but with all the make-up work, I told D just to take the older girls to Youth and he can stay for bible study, but the little ones and I will be up to our necks in work. uuuuugh. Ok.. I'm off. Hopefully I can pop back in later with some pictures.. if not, expect 'em tommorow :)


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