Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday mumbles... (I hate coming up with titles) lol

Courtney spent the night with Holly last night and apparently, they stayed up WAY to late last night. She's being such a turd to the girls. Ugh.. drives me crazy when that girl doesn't get enough sleep. She's *so* difficult.

D volenteerd to babysit Christian... he's 15mo. and just into *everything* these days. He's sleeping now-- his dad brought him over about 20min. ago and he was asleep, so.. he's snoozing. I'm sure the girls will keep him busy, playing.. but he puts everything in his mouth so I'll be having to follow him around left and right. Kristine gets off work at 4:30., so.. hopefully it goes by fast (lol). Hey,. cut me some slack... I just don't want to babysit today.

I have to run and get Sissy and Addi a book for book talk. I ordered Savannah's off of Amazon and it never showed up and her book talk at school is on MONDAY. Addi's is on Thursday-- her book is too hard to remember, so... need to find something easier. Aspen had hers on Friday and she was *so* happy to have it over with. The whole book talks just stress kids out... I think it's cute that they do it (the kids have to become the character of their book, dress up, take in props- then tell the class about it from the characters perspective to entice the kids to read that book. All while being graded by 3 teachers and put on video.. no stress or anything :) lol. I love to watch the video when they are done, but man... it just does a number on these kids (and parents.. lol). So.. need to run to Barnes and Nobles, or Half-Price books to find a few books. Wish me luck...

Tonight is Homecoming for Chelc.. found her shoes really fast last night at shoe carnival which was awesome- AND.. they were on sale for $14! SCORE! That was an awesome steal.. and, they are closed toe Stilettos, in MY size (6.5) so.. I can borrow them, too :) Double score! They are all meeting up at Buckheads for dinner at 5:30pm, and she's heading to work in a bit (1pm) and isn't suppose to get off until 6pm, but... they may let her off early, so.. we'll see. Her dress is really pretty :) I'll be sure to snap lots of pictures to share later tonight.

Chelc and I met up w/ the girls and D at Ruby Tuesdays last night for dinner after the Father/Daughter Social-- they were soooo tierd. They konked out on the way home-- said their feet were killing them :) lol.. little partiers! They had a really good time.. they had a chocolate fountain and apparently, D said that kids were goin around with tons of chocolate on their face. Nice. :) They had a good time so that was good. D's back was hurting him really bad, but he toughed it out :)

Ok.. need to run Chelcey to work. It's suppose to rain today- very cloudy, but almost all the snow has melted now. Horray! (never thought I'd say that!) :) Hey. after all the ice, who could blame me?

Have a good day and I'll be back tonight with pictures :)

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