Friday, March 27, 2009

Do I HAVE to go?

tierd. kids are tierd. older girls are with their dad. just picked D up from the airport. time to haul this stuff over to the church.

*yawn*.. *sigh*... just want to eat and go to bed!

Tonight is suppose to be the young adult group at church setting up... I'm wondering if it would be *bad* if I just let D take the stuff over? I know, probally horrible... esp. since he's been traveling all day, but I'm crampy, tierd, and the girls are just exzausted! They've been up since 6am... all 3 of them fell asleep in the card ride home from the airport. I guess I can go ahead and tag the clothing items now, that way.. when they are taken over there, they can just be set out on the table. Is that bad? I just *really* don't feel up to going. At all, to be perfectly honest with you.

Anyways... just walked in the door. Girls are upstairs gathering up some toys they want to donate. D is on a conference call in the bedroom... and you know me. When there's something that needs to be done, you'll find me typing on the computer... it's my "safe place-avoid the avoidable" haven. LOL.. I'm off.


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