Sunday, March 1, 2009

Few Pictures...

Hey guys,
Getting ready to head off to church but wanted to share a few pictures before I went. Nothing too recent [except Addi :)] but... thought I'd share anyways. Running out the door, so we'll chat later :) see ya!

About 3wks ago we had a really bad wind storm.. here's Courtney out in the mess :)

Here's the sae day [wind storm] where Courtney and Caron [Chelcey's bf] were goofing off. :)

Did I share the Homecoming dress nightmare? Can't remmeber if I did, but.. here's a picture of HOlly and Chelcey before they left. This was before CHelc put her make-up on. WHAT a story that night was :) If I didn't share, I'll do that later.

Here's Addi modeling for me today for a dress I posted on ebay :)

This over-stock warehouse that has TONS of cool stuff had an auction a few weeks ago, but the auction dude never showed up. So, they said to take 80% anything in the place.. D and I picked up these cool lamps for our nightstands in our bedroom for just $10 each. D loves them- they match our bedroom perfectly [sage green/brown]. :) Great deal, don't ya think?

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