Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey guys, not too much going on this way. Just got the kiddos off to school, so thought I'd pop in and give a little update. We had their last school skating party last night, so they were SO zonked this morning. So, I just got each of them dressed while they were laying down, shoes included.. which always works out better than if I let them dress themselves :) I even made scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast... tell me I wasn't on it! :)

They had a good time last night. Holly, our adopted neighbor child :), came with us, too. Savannah's skates weren't rolling, we had to change out her skates THREE times, oh what a process that was :) but... it was worth it. Payton, Sis's best friend was there so that made her night! Those two are so much a like it's unreal.... probally not the best influences on one another, those two... lol.. but, what can ya do? What one's not thinking or doing, the other one is. Trouble to the core... just wait until they are older. Oh my!

Nothing too much been going on this way. Saturday was beautiful all day so the girls played outside from the moment they got up until around 5:30pm that night. Then they had Holly spend the night, and D's dad invited them over to watch the chauwauwau (spell?) movie. Aspen is obsessed with chauwauwau's, so he knew that she would be excited :) So, since Chelcey was at work and the girls were over at at his house watching a movie, D and I hit a new mexican resutarant-- (really) good, too. too bad that I've been holding onto the SALT ever since (ugh-hem!), but.. oh well. Totally worth it :) Sunday was the ususal.. church in the a.m, church back in the p.m and then we had a birthday celebration for Pastor's wife so.. lots of food and fellowship! We had a good time.

Yesterday I cleaned like a mad woman in fast motion. You know, when you try to get as much cleaning done in the shortest amount of time possible? Yeah, that was me! I think I burned about 500 calories going the speed that I was going. LOL.... Too bad it's a mess again today. My floors NEVER stay clean... I use Murphy's Oil and water and they STILL look dingy. Drives me crazy, so.. if anyone has any recommendations for hard wood floor cleaners, I'm all ears (or, eyes.. whatever!). I tried the swiffer but again, makes them look dull. Don't know what else to do.. they are only 1 year old floors. UGH!....

I had to take Addi to the dr. yesterday because she's been complaining of her little ear hurting. She slept with us Saturday night because she woke up in pain, poor baby! Come to find out- double ear infection! Yikes! So, we're dosing the kid up on amoxicillion and she's already feeling better. Good thing. She hasn't had to go to the dr. since 2007... pretty darn healthy kid if you ask me :) She's been lucky. Now ASPEN on the other hand, she's always catching something.

Lets see, what else is going on? Chelcey turns 16 in 4wks.. can you beleive it? We were going to throw her a big sweet 16, but after her little escapade last month, as bad as it sounds... I think we're going to hold off. Hey, if you knew what happened, you would understand. I hate it, but... with her attitidude lately anyways and her princess "all about me" take on life, well... rewarding that isn't something that I'm up for.. birthday or not. Sure, we'll still throw her a big party.. just not on her birthday. Her birthday falls on Easter anyways, so I'm sure a lot of her friends will be out of town anyways. So.. we'll hold off until May or June. She's not getting a car until she gets her lincense which is 16.5, but if she keeps up she can forget about that for awhile, too. I know... I seem mean and that is totally out of realm with me with her, but... the girl better make some changes. Don't get me wrong, she's a good kid- I've been blessed/lucky that the few times she has messed up, that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. But the disrespect that she's been showing this past week has to stop. Yes, she's 15.. but she also knows respect and how I feel about it so she better pull it together, and fast.....

Okay.. D wants me to go tot he office today, not happening. :) I told him tommorow, I just have too much I want to do today. I have to get to the post office, want to run to wal-mart and Hancocks Fabrics because I'm attempting to make an applique tee shirt.. sooo excited. Here's the one I'm going to try to replicate: SO CUTE! The directions *sound* easy enough, I just have to see if 1) The sewing machine that D's mom gave me works 2) if I know how to OPERATE the thing (yeah, this would be the first step!) and 3) give it a whirl! I'm excited... if I can master this, then I'll be making the girls all kinds of cute tee's. I love mini-boden stuff- they have lots of cute applique tee's and I would love to try to make my own! So.. that's on my agenda today. It was suppose to happen yesterday but didn't-- too much going on, so... I'm ditching the office and going to play with the sewing machine instead. Priorities, ya know? :) LOL.. j/k... D has a meeting this afternoon anyways, so it's not a big deal so relax. LOL

Okay.. I'm off. Want to clean up from breakfast. We already have ANTS again if you can beleive that! This house is the WORST about ants.. they come in from our back door and if they are already making themselves at home in MARCH, I can't imagine what it will be like next month. I tried ALL kinds of ant killer last year and nothing seemed to work for very long. I told D that I'm going to call the Orcan (spell?) man to come out and spray. They GROSS me out and I will not tolerate those nasty things at all! UGH...

Oh, the cat has a hair ball that he's been trying to hack up for the last 2 days. Poor thing! D laughs at him (and that surprises you?)... I don't know what to do for him... he sounds horrible. Darn thing.

Anyways.. I'm gone! Have a great day.. today is reocrd high of almost 80 degrees! Can you beleive it? I think I may try to hit the track after I get my applique stuff.. it's too nice NOT too. It's cloudy right now, but it's suppose to lift early morning. The last time it was the hot was in 1800 something... (D heard it on the radio this morning.. lol)... so... want to take full advantage of it! I need to tan, too... so... lots to do before 2:30pm rolls around and it's time to pick up the crew! Have a great day everyone and I'll talk to you soon! I'll snap some new pictures of the girls this afternoon to share :) Sissy's 2 front teeth (the big ones) are growing back in and Addi has a little bitty piece of new tooth coming in on front, too! :) They both have such little mouths and teeth, so it's going to be funny to see 2 big honkers now :)

Ok... I'm off! LATER!

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