Thursday, March 19, 2009

Howdy-Ho, neighbor!

Okay, do not ask where that title came from.. I'm still tierd. LOL.... D drove the girls to school and I was going over spelling test words on the phone for Savannah's pre-test today. If they get a 100% on Thursday, they don't have to re-take it on Friday... so... I'm hoping she's home free. :) We shall see....

Everyone got grade cards yesterday, well... except Courtney- she gets hers today (holding my breath). She's suppose to be "grounded" (define grounded in Courtney's world)- I guess I just haven't allowed her to play outside this week because of her missed Math work, so.. I've buckled down on her. I'm really nervous about her math grade today on her report card.... I was nice and let her enjoy the beautiful day out yesterday because like I told D, it'll probally be the last day she'll be allowed to play outside for a few weeks untli that math grade comes up, might as well let her get one last run in (lol). Chelcey's doing great- she has a 3.5GPA and is only 2pts. away from getting a solid A in Algabra- SO proud of her, she's really brought up ALL of her grades and has really proven herself. She wants to move over to Christian Accadmy next year for her last 2 years of high school, so... we're going to call and see if she can get in. Say a prayer, because getting her out of Eastern would be the BEST thing.... that school is nothing but bad news. The little ones did good on theirs... Addi has a lot of "Needs Improvement" (have I mentioned her teacher isn't the best? Just REALLY havn't been happy with her at all).. and Savannah had a few "modified" grades which I have to talk to her teacher today and find out what that's all about. They gave her a D in SPELLING which REALLY puzzles me because her last 9 weeks of spelling tests have been either 100% or -1 or -2. And that was a "modified" grade, whatever THAT means. SO... going to give her a call today so I know what's going on. Just doesn't make sense. Aspen did great- all A's and B's except for Library (don't ask!!!!)..... So.. overall, they did great! We'll see about Court today...

Yesterday I had to be at the school at 9am for Savannah's "Weather Project Day" in her class. I was in charge of teaching them about the 3 different types of clouds. I had them draw the different clouds, then they plastured cotton balls on top.. they had fun. Then, I sat with Addi and Sis at lunch but didn't see Aspen... her class was running late. Yesterday was St. Baldricks & Locks of Love event.. Susan, D's sister, has beeen growing her hair out for 3 years- since their Mom died of cancer, so she can donate it to locks of love. Her hair was PAST her butt and she chopped off over 13 or 14 inches... her hair looks SUPER cute now and is just below chin length- she looks SOOOOO different. You can't color your hair when you are donating it, so for 3 yrs she didn't color it and all her grey was showing (lol). She looks 20 years younger now (she just got it colored)... :) SO many little boys and girls participated yesterday, half the boys shaved their heads but overall, I think they raised about $38,000 for the cause... AWESOME!!!!...

Chelc and I tanned, then D and I went out for Mexican. He has (really) been pushing for mexican and I had already cooked (made some grilled chipolte chicken.. AWESOME if I do say so myself- just buy the chioplote seasoning, marinate and viola! Major yum!!!).. but, he needed to talk to me about some stuff going on business-wise so.. Chelc watched the girls for an hour and we grabbed a bite. We've ate out 3x in the last 1.5wk, so I hope the boy has it out of his system... it gets SO darn expensive. I had no desire to go, but.... I didn't want to disappoint him becuase I've turned him down the last 3 days (we went out for dinner Friday evening, and he's been asking me out again (dinner to talk) since Saturday.... so, I figured I'd get it over with.. lol). :)

We're suppose to walk this morning with Susan around the track over by her house. I have *no* workout clothes that can be seen in public anymore. I have NO idea what has happened to my clothes!!!!... The only 2pr. of comfy pants that I have I woudln't wear out in public (lol).. they make me look all "chubbily" because they are too big and noooo thanks! I need some yoga pants, the few pairs that I have are OLD and ragedy, so.. I need to find some. It's just SO darn hard when your legs are as short as mine..... ugh! So... need to get off of here and see what i can find.

I took the girls to the park the day before yesterday.. only got a few shots because my memory card was full, but.... I'm sure we'll go back again today if it doesn't rain :) so.. more to come! Have a great day!

Here's Aspen.. :)

And Addi...

They had a blast... it was almost 80 yesterday and the day before.. BEAUTIFUL.. but today is only suppose to be low 60's and it's wet out there. I'm So ready for spring! :) See ya!

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