Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LOVE days like this!

Man, is it beautiful outside! My windows are open, the birds are chirping, and the sun in shining! It can't get any better than this. Plus, I've been cleaning/organzing since 8am this morning (3 hours) so I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit today! Must be the spring fever or something... that, or well... the clutter from all my ebay & craft stuff has taken over my kitchen and I had no other choice :) LOL... In any event, my house is clean. Just a few more things to do and then I'll feel much better. :)

Nothing too exciting going on over this way. I need to prepare for Savannah's class tommorow, I'm in charge of teaching the kids about the different clouds.. I'll be reading them a book, we'll do a craft project (they'll draw the clouds and then glue do the cotton balls is my understanding... the room mom put it together, so she at least took the guess work out for me. THANK GOODNESS! LOL). Sis is excited :) Tommorow is a bit day for the girls at school. It's st. baldricks & locks of love day.. the local news come out for coverage, they have a Christian band that plays, it's a fun day for the school, for a great cause! So.. that's tommorow.

I'm hoping to take the girlies to the park after school today, depending on how little Aspen is doing. :( Her allergies are acting up SOOOO bad it's unreal. I hate to see how she's goin to be in a few more weeks. The flowers are just now blooming and once the dogwoods start blooming, it's ALL over for her and Darryl both! She gets them SO bad.. and she's already having a bad reaction right out of the gates which isn't good. So.. we'll see. I bought her some zertex last night which helped a little bit and gave her another before school today. Last spring I had to write a note to have them keep her inside for recess and she HATED it :( that's her fave. part of the day.. but, it was either do that or watch her eyes so red, swollen, and irratated that she coudln't see and to have her miserble with a headache, congestion, and scratchy eyes/throat. It's HORRIBLE around here.... bless her heart. So.. we'll see how she's doing and play it by ear.

Sadie, my cat, is doing MUCHO better. He's almost back to his old self.. just bee-boopin' along and acting normal which is AWESOME. The thing scared me to death.

I plopped some green bows in the girls hair for st. patty's day :) They aren't aloud to do anything distracting, so.. we were very conservative with bows. LOL... They were excited. Dude, I so remember in 5th grade I totally spazzed that it was St. Patty's day.. *EVERYONE* possible pinched me that day at school and it was horrible. Of course, you would get the boys who were rough anyways and pinch the heck out of you! I still rememeber that.. lol.. Awh man, now that I think about it.. I'm wondering if COURTNEY wore anything green? YIKES... I know Chelcey didn't, but she looked really cute. :) I wonder if she's going to tagged today? :)

Chelc and I hit the store last night... I decided to not knock out my entire list (that takes forever and I didn't leave the house until 7pm anyways). I did do good though, I picked up dinner for 2 nights and quite a bit of lunch stuff for the kids and snackage. My bill was $112 BEFORE coupons, and $83 AFTER. Tell me THAT wasn't worth a smile? I *did* however do the cool savings thing that Kroger is offering this week. If you buy 10 participating items, then you get $5/off. just so happened that 10 of the items were things on my list that we buy anyways, so it worked out great! I clipped quite a few coupons yesterday to match up with my list, but I know I can do better :) So... hoping to pull it all together by Thursday then hit that darn store again- hopefully to stock up so I can stay away for at least 1.5wk. It's pretty bad when 3/4 of the employees and managers know you. It's true- you guys would laugh if you saw how it is when I'm in there. I know all the stock boys, cashiers, shift managers, AM, and Manager.. I even know the meat dudes. I'm not just talking a simple "hi" and a smile when you walk by them. They will stop and talk, and we "catch up" from the last 2 days I was in there. LOL.. Seriously people, I am in that store no less than 3 times a week on a MIN. Sometimes it's more.. it's pathetic. I didn't go for over a week and I was cracking up when I went in because there were a few poeple that asked me where I've been. PATHETIC.. lol :) I'm such a loser, I swear.

Ok.. D just called and asked me to do a few projects for work.. (blah!).. he's SO going to ruin this mojo that I have going. I just stopped to pop on for a second, now he's going to have me glued to my computer for the next 45min. doing design work. Sweet...... on the "D" front, we've been getting along exceptionally well.. I mean exceptionally well. It's rather odd really. Of course, we're both really trying. We've changed a lot of the things that both of us typically do that either spark a fight/disagreement or just throwing stuff in each others face (not litterally, ya know.. lol). But.. it's really been working. I pray that we continue down this path because it's SUCH a happier place for ALL of us. It's ususally a cycle where we'll be doing great and then bamo! Back to our "normal" which isn't a good normal where ANYONE would want to be. So.. day by day. I can tell he's trying, and he can tell that I'm trying... and that's all we can do. We both agreed that the difinition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result! That's SO very true! We're just being more gentle, understanding, affectionant, respectful to one another and we've actually been having "fun" which has been great. It's nice to laugh with him again. I pray it continues and we can finally get out of the rotten place that we've been held captive for SO very long.

Anyways.. I'm off!! :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful day like I am over here. It's SOOOOO beautiful and peaceful..... life is good! :)

See ya!

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