Monday, March 23, 2009

If I don't come out alive....

know that THIS is the cause...

here's another lovely view...

I spent yesterday sorting through clothes that either 1) No longer fit my family 2) No body WEARS anymore or 3) Stuff I've collected for ebay in hopes to sell. Unfort., this isn't even half of the stuff I still have to go thorugh. It's insane. INSANE! I've spent my morning sorting the clothing in piles, organized by size. I will then make TWO piles out of that one... keep for ebay, take to the church for the church yard sale on saturday. I am DROWNING in clothing over here and it's very overwhelming. I find myself pacing back and forth, walking in the other room.. I think my mind is programed to avoid clutter and it just shuts off. I now see why when things are cluttery, why I never get anything done. My brain just does not do good with being overwhelmed. It gets in shut down mode.

I've washed clothes, even IRONED a few (don't fall over, you know how much I HATE to iron!), and when I went to take pictures for ebay, the camera battery died. Go figure, right? So.. I have about 15 things waiting for pictures once the battery charges and then I can upload to ebay. I want to try to upload as much stuff as I'm planning on keeping for ebay by tommorow so the things that do NOT sell, I can just pick in the church pile and say "farewell!"

So... that's what I'm doing today. I would be MORTIFIED if anyone came over right now. My entire living room floor and couch is FULL of piles of clothing. Our neighbors can see inside our house (GOTTA get curtains, darnit.. lol) so I'm SURE they will see this horrible mess. BUT.. what can ya do? Serves 'em right for being nosey! LOL....

Nothing else too exciting going on. Pretty laid back weekend. The girls went home with D's sister and dad after church on Sunday, Chelcey had work so D and I went car shopping (getting ready to trade in the Yukon- thank GOODNESS! I don't drive the thing, my car is the Armada but I hate D driving the Yukon.. sOOOoooooOO over that thing!), we also stopped in Ashley furntiure- need to find some table chairs, bar stools, and I am BEGGING for a new living room set! We've had our leather set since D and I first started dating- oh, 11+ years ago, so it's SO time! We can never agree on anything. He left there saying everything in that store was cheap, but I told him... if we wait around and buy the stuff that HE wants (you know, the "quality" over-priced stuff?) we'll never get anything new. So.. we just looked. :)

When D went to "Fresh Market" on Saturday, he was thoughtful and bought me salad containers then came home, pre-cut up the veggies and now they are stored away in my fridge. :) I was so happy! I LOVE salads, but I HATE dragging everything out every time to make one. For lunch today, it was a breeze! Took all of 2 minutes to make my favorite veggie-filled salad! :) "Thanks, D man!"

Okay.. need to go back at it. I have to leave here in 20min. to get Chelcey and the little ones, so... want to at least clear a pathway so they can walk when they get home. LOL... pitiful! I need to get to the store but I guess that's going to wait until around 4pm. SO kicking myself for not going yesterday, but... it is what it is. :)


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