Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday...

Okay, my morning started off with me hitting the stupid alarm clock because I thought it was *Saturday*. (Don't ask.... lol). I typically hit snooze 2 times in the mornings (can't help myself!), but this morning I turned the darn thing off becuase I thought "You must be crazy, it's SATURDAY stupid alarm clock.. I'm going back to SLEEP!". Thankfully, we woke up to Chelcey & Courtney talking in the kitchen. They weren't late, but the little ones were 2 minutes late, so... D had to sign them in (he LOVES when that happens... lol). But.. we survived!

I'm still attacking the big 'ole clothing pile over here. Made (some) progress (mainly just shifting the piles around- lol). But after the girls got home from school yesterday, that killed my mojo. We had homework, then I had to go to the store (2 hours, don't ASK- I thought D was going to kill me when he found out how much the bill was (I almost fell over, I'll just say that yesterday's grocery spree is HANDS DOWN, the most expensive grocery trip I have *ever* (ever!!!) made. Next time? Costo or Sams... *have to*. It's unREAL!.... but, after that, it was time to put it all away (PROCESS, as you all know!), then it was time to cook dinner, then baths, then bed. We had to help Chelc with her editorial on journalism is dead (great article) which took forever and a day. She and I were going to go tan, but didn't find time to do that. So... that's on the agenda for this afternoon.

I made thai spicy peanut baked chicken last night, in addition to southwest chicken. I am really getting into trying all these different chicken marinades / seasoning packs and man, they are YUM! I have like 4 more in my cabinet to try this week. We are *big* chicken munchers over here :) Well, except Courtney.. she's SO over chicken because that's all we eat, poor kid!:) I promised her that we would have taco salad tonight though (her fave), so... that will keep her happy :)

We still have the Twilight movie from rebox. We are charged $1/ per day but if you keep it after 20 days, it's yours to keep- for $20. The girls are wanting to keep it, but I think we should return it so other people can rent the thing, we can go buy it, ya know? Courtney *love* it (chelc, too).. they have both watched the thing more than 6 times since Saturday. Insanity, I know..... :) Courtney and I watched it together on Saturday and it was good.. different, but good :) I think I would have "gotten it more" if I had read the books like the girls. But anyways....

Today is suppose to be in the high 70's- can't wait! D went on a bike ride (through the woods, no less) while I was at the store, so he wants us to go on one tonight. I told him that my calves were sore from pushing that darn grocery cart yesterday (and laugh if you will, I'm SO not lying! lol). Dude, I kept getting shocked from the cart and kept saing "ow!" as I pushed the thing. This woman stopped me and said "I KNOW.. I keep getting shocked, too" :) So, she recommended I push it from the center of the cart which was *HARD* since my cart was so darn HEAVY... and man, my calves actually hurt today. How pathetic is that? That I have to get a workout in the darn grovery store. Hey, whatever it takes- ya know? LOL... ACTUALLY, I *DID* call Curves yesterday (step 1). I have to talk to the manager lady though and she will be back from vacaction on Weds. When I canceled my memebership a few years ago they kept on charging me since it was D that canceled and I didn't personally put it in writting (which I didn't realize I had to do). Anyways, we changed banks so when they tried to take out a few payments, they woudln't go through (naturally). So, they were showing I owed $300.. umm.. NOT HAPPENING! So, it's been back and forth everytime I want to go sign up again. She cut it down to like $125, which I *Still* don't think I should have to pay for, but whatever.. I'm not going to keep arguing with them. I really like that location, or I would just sign up to the one closer to my house. I toured that one but it's SO congested and the owner said they stay really busy, which is a turnoff for me. Plus, the other location (the one I use to work out at) is RIGHT next to the place that I tan (double whammy, ya know!) and it's just 2 min. from the office. Not that I go there anymore(lol).. but still, ya know? I can workout and tan in the morning, then meet D for lunch or something.... anyways, SO.. that's the plan- to talk to Rita tommorow in hopes to sign back up! I'm pumped.. it's SOOOooOO overdue, this bode sure isn't going to tone itself and besides, my boo-tay is FLAT now... I have muscle when I flex the thing (what? you don't flex your butt? Oh, maybe it's just me then.. lol)... so I know there's hope! :) But right now, I cringe at the thought of turning backwards in my bathing suit this summer. I want to feel totally confident in that suit and right now, between the bootay and the theighs... lets just say Curves can't start soon enough. So... I'll keep ya posted :) OH.. and I even ordered two new pair of workout pants off of ebay, so see.. I'm being proactive here :) My biggest war cry was that I didnt have any workout clothes anymore (they are all ragedy.. lol), so.. now there's no excuse. :) SO ANYWAYS... we're going on a bike ride tonight. Wish me luck... :)

Okay, need to get to these clothes and post some stuff on ebay. D is still home, and it's hard for me to get in the jive of things while he's here... weird, I know.. but it just happens. SO.. I'm hoping he heads to the office here in a bit (I've hinted a few times and he just laughs at me, the punk! LOL).... anyways.. I'm gone! Have a wonderful day! All of our flowers / tree / etc are blooming around here and it's sooooo pretty! I want to take the girls up to this place not far from our house (big waterfall) and snap some photos this weekend... :) I LOVE spring. :)


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