Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yard Sale, DONE! (shew!)

We took all the stuff over to the church last night (all of us went, yes... I managed to get some engery and go!).. we had a good turn out of stuff that other members donated. D ended up buying CHRISTMAS stuff of all things (sweet.. nothing like storing MORE stuff in our Christas storage area downstairs). I ended up buying a few pair of jeans for Addi.. they already had tables set up for the kids clothing and everything was only $0.50. I would have priced everything higher, to make more money, but... I didn't say anything because I'm sure they would have thought, "Maybe if you would have gotten here before 7:45pm, then you could have helped with the pricing".. lol so, I kept quite! I also got some candles, basket lines, and something else. Nothing like dropping off clutter to bring more clutter home. Tis life, I guess.

We've had a pretty laid back morning. Darren said they had plenty of people working the sale so it was totally optional if we wanted to come over. I worked the sale last year and there were lke 15 of us there... umm.. so I felt that they probally had it handled (smile!). D had a 3hr. long conference call this morning to go over a contract anyways, so I had to keep the girls entertained so they weren't LOUD and disturb the call. We DID get to sleep in until 9am though, which was *AWESOME!*. I wasn't ready to get up.... and the girls were still asleep... but he had that call and when he's on the phone, he's LOUD- so naturally, it woke everyone up. :)

I've just been doing a little cleaning... need to do (a lot) of cleaning to be honest. I want to hop in the shower though so I don't feel so lazy. I want to have a productive day! D is over at the church for a board meeting right now, he no more hung up the phone from the conference call and then had to turn around and walk out the door. When I picked him up from the airport, 5min. after he was in the car he was on a conference call for 45min. He's been *so* swamped lately with work.. TONS of great things are going on, which is good, but man has he been loaded down!

Rainy here today... I guess we're suppose to get some bad weather move in either tonight or tommorow. Sweet. Aspen is playing BarnYard on the video game, Sis and Addi are playing "sisters" :) so the house is actually rather quite! I just stripped all the beds to wash the sheets, so.. need to get off here, plop a load in the washer, hop in the shower, then get the girls fed some lunch! So... I'm outta here! Have a great Saturday and hopefully I will have some new pictures to share tommorow of the girls :) See ya..

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