Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you kidding me? GET UP, LOSER!

Wow! So, after I got the girls up and off to school I contemplated on if I should 1) Stay up and start my day or 2) Just go lay down for just a minute since I was so tired. Guess which I picked? (Yeah, THAT was a tough one, I'm sure!). I woke up, oh... 30min. ago. I SLEPT UNTIL NOON! I feel so pathetic and lazy it's unreal. It's suppose to be high 70's today, SUN IN SHINING and I spent my day IN BED! I listened to my body and gave it sleep- that's not so bad. But my day just feels waisted, ya know? Not a big deal.. we haven't been able to sleep in for the last MONTH it seems since Saturday's have been busy and Church on Sundays, so.. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Just ugh, don't tell anyone, okay? LOL... I feel LAZY!

D and I have a big "work day" planned for Saturday. Our list is looking like this:
~ till the garden so we can get that rolling
~ lay some mulch
~ plant some flowers in the planters
~ Power-wash the deck so we can stain it.. it looks HORRIBLE!

Not to mention other things inside, I just hope we can get a few done. Lists are great, but only if you FINSIH the things ON the list. So, wish us luck! :)

Okay, need to put myself together and go enjoy the day before it gets away from me. Have to pick the girlies up in 2 hours, so... get your game face on, McFly! :) We're taking the girls back over to the trail this afternoon- I'm excited! But I'm planning on working out at Curves and tanning first... little sore today, but not too bad at all. I need to eat better (more protein!) to give me more energy! I did GREAT yesterday- had lots of energy working out and bike riding, but I think that's why I was so tired today, ya know? I didn't eat one meal yesterday... I snacked on beef jerky and dry frosted mini-wheats. I was planning on a salad for dinner, but all that exercising made me not hungry so.. what can ya do? Anyways... need to get things rolling! Have a wonderful day and I'll share some pictures either later this afternoon or tomorrow. :)

See ya!

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