Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work it, girl!

Curves was awesome today! Man, I'm SO glad to be back at it! I jumped right in and didn't miss a beat. There were only 3 other ladies working out, so that made it awesome! Looks like I'll be going at the same time again tommorow... (if) I'm not too sore, that is. LOL

After we got home, D, Aspen, Sissy, and I all went on a bike ride over at the wildlife preserve trail. It's right across the street for us and so awesome! It makes you feel like you live out in the country. We drove on the trail for a long time, then D decided to take us in the woods on the bike trails... umm, not a good idea with 2 little ones. Crazy driving.. but they had fun! :) We heard dogs barking (it's total wildlife over there- you'd be amazed at what you can see!) and poeple have been talking about coyotee's- so we heard barking and I *freaked*... of course, it was nothing.. we smelled a skunk, freaked me out. Something moved the bush, again.. freaked me out. (are you seeing the pattern here?) :) We had a really nice time! There were tons of horses that we saw so tommorow we're going back and I'm taking my camera! AWESOME scenery! Then, when we got back home- about 1.5hr later, D and I took Addi on her own little bike ride around Crystal Waters by our house.. she enjoyed it :) We didn't get back home until 8:30pm and man were were behind scheduled! We still had dinner to cook, homework... ugh! I plopped in some Country Fried Steak w/ mac & cheese and called it a day! :) Hey, whatever works- right? I didn't eat (staying away from processed foods) but I wasn't hungry after all that exercising :) I think we're going to do it again tommorow, too. Great fun!

Okay.. zonked! Everyone is asleep, D is in the shower and I wanted to pop on one last time! I'm tierd so heading to bed! Hope I can share some pictures tommorow, so stay tuned! :)

See ya!

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