Monday, April 20, 2009

Classroom reader & pictures..

Classroom Reader
Just got back from reading to Savannah's class, they always crack me up! 1st graders are just so spunky & full of life, yet some of the stories these kids come up with. One of the books I read was called "Jungle Hotel", where the baboons take over the hotel. Zack, a real ham, kept telling me how he's been to Africa before and he stayed at a hotel that was ran by baboons.. really-truly. The kids were all, "Whatever- you're lying!".. and he was all, "No, I'm serious.. really, it happened!". Um, OK. Then, a little further into the book, Zack raises his hand, I call on him, "My best friend who lives next door to me has a real live Baboon as a pet!". "He DOES?"... Um, OK. :) Savannah, of course, was a total handful as she always is when I'm there. It's almost like she's over stimulated or what's to show her stuff because her Mom is there. Drives me nuts. She was quite a distraction, but... she enjoyed, the kids enjoyed it, and so did I.

Back-Up Singer
After I read 3 stories, it was lunch time so I sat with Sis and her friends while they ate. Addi's class was finishing up so I got to visit with her a bit- she was full of giggles and spunk herself today :) It was cute. The same little boy begged me to sit by him (I think he has ADHD to be honest, he never stops talking, always in my face, I would be talking to Payton or Sis or Meredith and he would *always* interrupt me.... kept spitting in my face because he had food in his mouth and kept talking to me. LOL.. Yeah, a real charmer might I add. :) Anyways, I had to laugh because a few of them were talking about their band, how they practice, etc. Payton, who is Sissy's best friend, said: "Savannah use to be my back-up singer, but then she quit and said she wanted to play Piano". Sis said, "Yeah, about that Payton.. I want back in- I want to be the back up singer!".. Payton, all serious said, "Okay Savannah, but you have to come to practice or we won't be any good!".. Oh my goodness, it was so cute and hilarious and just so precious! :)

Green Bean Dorrito's
Savannah wanted 2nd's, (and we wonder why we spend so much on lunch each week.. darn kids!) but only of her Ranch Doritos- the kid *loves* ranch doritos. Well, Mrs. L said she had to eat her green beans. If you know Savannah, you know how much she HATES green beans. She kept trying to get *me* to eat them or her, um.. no. YOU need to eat them if you want the chips (her 2nd bag, might I add!). I was thinking to myself, "If it were me as a kid, I would have hide them in my milk carton!" ....(so deceptive as a child and no, I'm not proud.. I've came a long way, baby!! :)) but all of a sudden, Savannah starts stuffing those darn green beans in her empty ranch dorito bag and I almost lost it... but didn't. :) I was trying so hard not to laugh because is this child a problem solver, or what? So, I put my Mom face on, you know, that sweet "please learn from this moment" type of expression us Moms get and then I said, "Sis, what do you think God would think of you if you did that? That's not being honest, now is it?".. She said, "No, but they're YUCK! and I WANT more doritos! I said "I know baby, but if you want seconds, you have to eat your green beans". So, in all her glory she smiled and said "Fine, I'll just pick the nasty green beans out of my dorito bag and pretend they are doritos".. and that my friends, she did!!! :) Classic moment, and quite funny, too. Did she get seconds on the doritos? You betcha!!! :) Did she take a drink of her water after every single bite? YOU BETCHA!! :) lol... funny stuff!

It's really cold today.. low 50's but rainy, cloudy, and windy! uuuuugh! Makes me oh so tired, doesn't it you?

I'm getting ready to start dinner so it will be ready early tonight. I want to work-out and tan tonight. I was hoping to get it out of the way today but Curves closes from 1pm-3pm (lunch) so I have to wait until later which stinks, but.. what can ya do?

Here are a few pictures from yesterday... nothing too exciting, but.. I promised pictures, and that's what I shall deliver :)

Here's Sis riding her bike

My little monkey [Aspen] who LOVES climbing trees :)

Here's the girls after a LONG day of hard playing :) Along with their best neighborhood budro, Holly...

Sissy has this new fake smile... which looks like she's passing gas :)


The lovely mulch that kept me busy all day (and) that ruined my jeans..(gee, thanks!)

1 and 2 and 3 and 4, work it cat, work it!!!...Sadie was laying in the *best* position *ever*... like, you know this cat can lay funky, but oh my word... this one was THE BEST.. and, as I tip toed back in my room to catch it, the darn cat woke up.. a little miffed too, might I add.. lol.

Okay, I'm off... need to get things rolling! Chelcey is working out with Holly after school- they just joined "Fitness 19" together and today will be their first official day! SO.. you know what thatmeans, don't ya? EXACTLY.. one less child to pick up today! Awe.. that means I can leave my house at 2:45pm verses 2:20pm. And I will cherish those wonderful extra 25 minutes more than you'll ever know! :)

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