Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap up...

My titles stink, I know... but get over it, okay? :)

We had a good weekend. Saturday was a busy day. D rented a tiller and "tilled" the garden. He got the posts and I think he's going to put a fence-like-thing around it to keep all the animals out. Should turn out pretty good I'm thinking. Next weekend is planting the seeds. We're going to try to go all organic, I'll snap some pictures soon :)

I laid mulch in the front, came out good. I also yanked up 5 small bushes that were all old and grungy (dead, well.. to me). D wasn't too happy about that, said we could have trimmed them back & they would have been fine. Dude, those suckers have looked DEAD for 2 years. I kid you not. AND, I *have* trimmed them back, didn't work. He begs to differ. Of course, you know me.. I told him maybe next time HE should take care of them, then I wouldn't have to yank the suckers up from the ground. LOL. Next weekend is the flower gig... can't wait. My yard needs COLOR.

Courtney's friend came and got her around 10am. I talked to Marcia (her mom) for quite awhile. Her daughter Katiyn was in Aspen's K & 1st grade, so I got to know her really well. Katilyn is going to the school that we're looking into for Sis for next year for learning differences, so it was nice to talk to her. I was lookin' all like a skank.. they showed up earlier than expected, so yours truly over here had bed-head, smeared make-up from the night before (I *so* have to get better at taking that junk off my face.. ugh!), and I was sporting a pair of sweats and a tee shirt. Def. NOT the look that you're going for when someone comes over (lol). Oh well, what can ya do? I just told her to ignore my prettiness (lol). They went to Thunder over Louisville (all day affair) and she had a good time. Chelcey spent the night with Carson, her first "outting" other than shopping with Holly, since the big 'grounding fest".. I called her 3 times to check up with her (they also went to Thunder). After we worked in the yard (little ones played outside ALL day- it was so pretty!), we went for a short bike ride around the block because the wildlife preserve was closed that night but.. we still had fun. :)

Church this morning was really good... I'll share more about that tomorrow. Pretty intense stuff today! Then this afternoon we hit Sam's (stocked up on Chicken since we eat so much of the stuff- lol), and got some little weenie dogs for little smokies at church tonight. We had evening service (awesome sermon- so fitting from today's events), then we celebrated Pastors birthday with fellowship. We brought in little smokies (TONS of them) and go figure, 2 other members brought them in too :) So, needless to say.. we'll have plenty to snack on all week. great... talk about healthy!

Tomorrow morning I'm classroom reader in Savannah's class. She picked out the 3 books she wants me to read, so that made it easy! :) She's excited.... her spacer for her tooth fell out on Friday awesome.... so I have to set her up a dentist appointment this week to have it put back in.

Chelcey got contacts and Glasses on Friday... I have to pick up her glasses tomorrow. Apparently she is almost blind in one eye.... I'll explain that one tomorrow too. (smile).

OK.. it's almost 10pm. D is waiting on me to go to bed. Been a long week, so we need to get some sleep. It was *so* hard getting up this morning for church.. we were late.. err.. by 18min, actually (horrible.. I know).. we only got to catch 2 worship songs if that tells you anything. I felt like such a spaz.. but, again.. what can ya do? :) Anyways.. I took some pictures yesterday of the girls playing, the mulch, etc. so.. I'll share them tomorrow afternoon. Until then.. have a wonderful night!

See ya!

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