Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Rambles...

I am getting ready to head out to pick up Chelcey's new glasses (she's excited, if you can imagine that!) and then the "pick up fest" of the kiddos will begin.

I worked out last night and it was really good! I'm planning on going back this afternoon and then tanning. Should have done it today, but.... stupid me laid back down after D left this morning and I snatched a couple extra hours of sleep that I needed. I didn't sleep much the night before (bad dream that kept reoccurring every time I tried to go back to sleep), and last night I was up pretty late (gotta stop that craziness!, so... I needed a few extra hours. The laundry and house will always be waiting for me when I wake up, so.. not a big deal! LOL

Aspen and her tree climbing self caused her little allergies to REALLY act up last night. Her left eye was almost swollen shut and was just draining. :( Poor baby! I asked her if she rubbed her eye while she was outside and she said yes, so.. since she gets allergies so bad, my guess is that she probably got pollen on her little hands, rubbed her eye, and bamo! It was still puffy this morning, but not as bad. I gave her zyrtec last night and this morning... hopefully she's looking better tonight, bless her heart! Allergies around here are SO BAD... that darn Ohio River Valley--- did you know that Louisville is ranked the #1 HIGHEST death rate for Lung cancer? It's also rated high in the one of the worst places to live for allergies, heart attacks, and a few other things. I can see why. We've all (meaning, the whole family (D's side of the family, too) has been joking about moving to Montana. We are just throwing ideas around. We love it here-- love the area, love the girls school (little ones), love our church, love our friends-- but man, it really isn't a healthy place to live! Anyways...

Pretty cloudy out today.. tonight it's suppose to get in the low 30's, but MAN OH MAN- next Friday it's suppose to be 85 degrees! Our boat is in storage from the winter, so I think we're going to try to get it out next week so we can possibly enjoy some time on the water next weekend! I hope so.... :) 85 degrees is exciting, don't you think?

Okay.. not too much happening over this way! I made chicken enchilada's last night for dinner, with PLENTY leftovers so... you know what that means, no cooking! I can def. handle that! :) whoo hoo... (am I lazy or WHAT?.. um, yeah... don't answer that!) LOL


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