Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Gas + Beano

I think the person who invented "Beano", you know... the gas medicine, had a significate other that caused her to breath in SO MUCH AIR on a daily basis from SIGHING SO DARN MUCH, that she had no other choice than to invent something to off-set all the gassiness she had because of how much AIR she breathed in because of this man. Seriously. I mean, if I were a *gassy* girl, I would buy it. However, so-far *knock-on-wood*, all of this SIGHING over here as yet to cause it for myself. However, this could change very-very-soon. I have a feeling the more often I sigh, and the HARDER I sigh.. it's bound to happen sooner or later. It's common sense, and well, I think we established yesterday that I do have common sense and all.

SO, after I got the girls off to school (another easy morning might I add) about 8 minutes after D left with the girls I called him the same time he was calling me. Weird, I know. I asked if Aspen had her bookfair money (you'll understand the importance of this one when I get around to sharing the D R A M A from yesterday, which.. involved Savannah), and he replied "Yes". He then proceeds to tell me that he forgot his wallet at home (typical) and how the Car has "3" miles until empty. Ya see, we have this little TV screen like thing that tells us when we are low fuel and it will tell us how far we have to go until we run out of gas. I will admit, I'm not the world's best planner in the world. However, when it comes to simple things like, oh.. I don't know, GAS!!!! maybe, I make sure that when I have somewhere to go... like 15 miles TO SCHOOL AND BACK, I make sure my children are safe and sound, and that we aren't going to run out of gas on the VERY BUSY intersate. But hey, that's just me. D on the other hand, laughed and said, (famous last words!)"It's fine!" I said, "It's FINE? It's NOT FINE! You are on the interstate with MY CHILDREN and you have 3 miles until EMPTY!?" He says they'll be fine, something about how the car will drive longer after it says it's out of gas (how would one KNOW this unless they have done it before? Are you seeing a pattern here?) So, I rant and rave, once again... explaining how I am so over having 6 children, how I want a responsible partner and not one that I have to teach right from wrong. Yes, I lost my cool. My CHILDREN are in a car with about another 10 minute drive, when the vehical is out of gas. Oh, not a big deal or anything, right? Right.. I should just r- e - l - a - x.. because really, everything will be "fine!".

deep breath IN... deep breath OUT

Maybe I failed to mention that in the afternoons I pick up Chelcey at one school, then drive to get the little ones across town. D is the one who picks up Courtney on the other side of town. D likes to take BACK ROADS coming home. D also likes to drive the other car without gas, too. One afternoon, I get a phone call saying that he and Courtney ran out of gas on the BACK ROAD, where it's SUPER CURVY, and that I had to go get him gas. He apparently put MY DAUGHTER behind the stirring wheel to drive while he pushed. She was freaked out, and understandably so.

All I am going to say is that the boy better pray harder than he has ever prayed before and BEG God not to let him run out of gas while my children are in that car. I'm telling you, you have never seen me come un-glue the way you will if this happens. Sure, one would think, "Relax Chrystal, it's a common mistake, he probally just forgot!". Um, ok. Here's a response to any and all who may be thinking this way: He did not forget. When the gas tank says empty and we drive by FOUR GAS STATIONS and he decides "We're fine, we'll get gas later!".. KNOWING that we could run out of gas, KNOWING what it does to me- creating a total basketcase, and KNOWING we might break down and have to then walk.. with children. Sure, if he was somewhat responsible and somewhat aware of "what might happen" in that brain of his. However, he is not. He likes to get by in life by the seat of his pants. No, this is not a bag on him. We are ALL created differently, and I'm sure the boy could give you a million things that *I* do that get underneath his skin. We're all human, and we're all different. HOWEVER, if he wants to run around on the interstate BY HIMSELF with no gas. Hey, I'm all for it. No big deal- he only has himself to be responsible for. When you are a PARENT, those children are your first priority. You don't try to "wing it" and hope for the best. You simply THINK and PREVENT anything WITHIN YOUR POWER that might put them in harms way.

deep breath in, deep breath out!
I'm off to call him now.

He is home. My children are at school- safe. He walked in the door smiling. I personally think he fabricated the whole "3 miles until empty", he begs to differ. There is no way [without God's intervention] that he could have made it THAT FAR on 3 miles of gas. I honestly think he does these things just to get a rise out of me. I do, I really, really do. Don't they say stress causes grey hair? Um, yea *CHECK* Confirmed.

Anyways, apparently the Yukon is out of gas too (his car), so he wants me to drive him into the office because he knows I'll freak out driving the Armada with zippo gas. ya think?????? So, we are heading off to the GAS STATION (if I don't straggle him first that is!), then I'm taking him to the office and I'm going to go work out. ......Man, some people's kids!

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