Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rainy Thursday

It's thunderstorming outside and man, days like this you know what I'm thinking.. wishing I could just go crawl back underneath the blankets and sleep, sleep, sleep. But, no can do. shoot!

D has 4 meetings this morning at the office, so he asked me to come in and help. We have a 12pm meeting w/ Addison's teacher & Tutor [phonics] at the school, so I figured I may as well head into the office since the school is closer anyways.

I took Chelcey yesterday to get her permit and the lady over the phone said I needed her good grade clearence letter, birth cirtificate, and SS card. I told her that I only had her SS number, not card, she said that would be fine. We get there, 8 minutes to spare before they no longer test for the day, and she tells me that they need the actual card. SO, I'm off to the SS office this morning for a print out so we can head back there tommorow. I offered to take her today, but she wanted me to pull her out of school for it because she has "plans" afterschool meeting up w/ some friends (new cute boy!), so.. I guess that's more important than her permit. :) Girls! So guess we're going after it on Friday. I let her drive the other day, makes me so nervous! She does good, don't get me wrong, just the whole idea of hitting head on with another car kind of freaks me out, go figure, right?

Courtney has a math/science project where they are teamed up in groups and have to build an actual put-put golf thing. So, her and D are going to work on that this weekend. Looks pretty intense, we'll see how it goes.

OH, speaking of the 'ole D-master- guess maybe he's a handyman afterall [I say with a big, cheesy grin!]. I got online yesterday and read up about our washing machine. Still hasn't been working and my laundry has been massivly piled up. Hasn't been fun. Well, come to find out people with the same model were talking about the lint build-up in the pump below. SO, D flipped the machine over and went diging. I think we found about $5 in change (lol) and even a necklace, eraser.. shall I go on? So, um, yea... why wonder the thing wasn't draining or spinning. It works like a charm now. "GO D-Man!" I was quite proud.. (and) it saved us a service call of $80, even better. So, my laundry room has been very loud doing laundry non-stop since yesterday... I'm about 5 or 6 loads in, lost track! Just glad that the thing is working.

D and I are getting ready to recommitment ourselves to one another. I'll keep ya posted. Not sure of the details, but I'll share as they unfold.

Okay, shower water is running- need to jump in there, it's almost 8am. Here are a few pictures from Sunday. Not too many because my batteries were going dead so they came out funky! Talk to ya later!


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