Monday, May 4, 2009

Said Person's Shoes & the Washing Machine Saga

Easy morning getting the girls of to school which is *always* a great way to start the week! The only set back was that my *stoopid* washing machine, for about 1.5 week now it seems, no longer feels the need to "drain* the water from our clothes.

Let's take a step back, shall we? So, a "said person" [one that has the letter "d" in his name. What? I'm just sayin'....] felt the need to take his muddy (to say lightly) leather, BIG (size 12) New Balance tennis shoes, and ugh... plop them in the washing machine. Um, about 1.5wk ago. Are you with me? Yea, didn't think it would take long to put two and two together. Sure, LEATHER can easily be "hand washed". You know, take a simple washcloth, use water and soap and viola! What? You mean you've heard of that, too? I mean really, what are the odds? But, said person was adiment about washing them. A few exchanges of words went back and forth, you know.. the whole "power thing" I guess? And well, I just sighed and went with it, after muttering the words "If you break the thing you *will* be buying me a new one T-O-D-A-Y.. just as long as we understand one another!". He said something like "Whatever, it's not going to break- relax cool breeze!" and I was all, "OKAY.. but don't say I didn't warn you. I'm serious, I've never meant anything more in my entire life. If the thing breaks- you WILL go out and buy a new one!". Yes, I get very serious when it comes to my washing machine. I have 7 people in this house. Do you KNOW how much laundry that amounts to? Besides, my dishwasher broke over 1.5 year ago and I'm *still* hand washing dishes. Dishes for *7* people, not a small family of 3 or 4.. I'm talking about an entire Army of people who feel the need to use up as many clean dishes at one given time as humanly possible. It can get to a person, ya know? So, do you see *why* it was such a big deal as to why he couldn't just take MY word for it and actually take the 10 minutes to wipe down the shoes? I even offered to do it for him. I don't think that was the point really, it was all about "I'm right, you're wrong.. I'm a man, you're going to watch me be right" type of thing. A pride issue, maybe? Who knows... I'm wondering if something happened as a child with this whole "power thing?" What??? I'm JUST sayin'.....

Anyways, lots of "ka-plump" sounds, I took a few deep breaths (I'm surprised I'm not a gassy girl considering I tend to sigh quite a bit when he's around), and just went with the flow. It was all good until he decided to then put the VERY LARGE, VERY HEAVY, VERY CLUMPY shoes in the dryer. Now the boy was crossing the line. "You are NOT putting those things in my dryer, you're just not! PUT THEM ON THE DECK and LET THEM DRY OUT! What, what's this I hear? Oh WAIT, is that him putting the shoes IN THE DYER ANYWAYS? Yeah, do you now understand where the thought of being gassy would occur? Um, thought so! So yeah, he proceeds to put them in not caring a bit about 1) Making me mad 2) Ruining our Dryer or 3) That the dryer might actually break and we'll have to fork out $400 to get a new one. and, might I add when our other washing machine broke, about a year ago, we replaced it with the front face washer. My dryer on the other hand, does not match. Sure, they are both white- but one is fancy, one is "plain-jane". Not that it matters, they both get the job done, well... got the job done... other than the fact that when you go to switch out the clothes, the dryer door opens on the wrong side and makes the doors hit one another. BIG pain in the butt, let me just say! Anyways, so I continued to listen to those ridiculous shoes be-boppin' around in my dryer, me- having common sense and all (please note that I am not insinuating that the "said person" does not have common sense, I'm simply pointing out that I, the girl who goes by the name of Chrystal, *does*, that's all...).. couldn't take the ka-plumping any longer. My breathing techniques were no longer working. Then, all of a sudden, the DRYER STOPS. Oh wait, I'm not quite IN the laundry room yet. Nor is the "said person". Meaning, no one turned OFF the dryer. Um, yea, it just STOPPED all by itself. Go figure, right? So, I dashed into the laundry room, a few words being shared in the process, "said person" rumbled off a "ugh-oh" and dashed in there too, but the difference was.. he was smiling, I was not. I simply said, "Well, at least I'll finally get the dryer that I want!". He continued looking at the thing, trying to figure it out. I, on the other hand, kept running my mouth, what I do best. In the process of ranting and raving about how I KNEW this would happen, why in the world he just can't take the time to listen to me, how common sense never comes into play,.. like EVER... I was thinking to myself how wonderful it will be to have a washer and dryer that actually open up on the same side. But also thinking to myself, "If he broke this and makes me wait even three days for a new one, there will be HECK to pay!" And beleive me, he knew it!

I heard, "Ah-ha!" and all of a sudden, the dryer starts again. He was smirking from one ear to the other and said, "See, all fixed!" Then he muffled off something like, "Thank God, or I would have never heard the end of it!". Wow, at least he can put two and two together with that one! Apparently, all that heavy plopping around with the shoes caused the cord in the back to come loose. I opened the dryer and took those stupid shoes out so fast I could have hurt myself! Needless to say, he was in agreement to let the shoes now dry by themselves. Wow, it took you almost breaking the thing to figure out that heavy LEATHER shoes do NOT belong in the freaking washer or dryer?.... He smiled and said, "It's fine!" (His famous last words!). Stay with me.

My washing machine hasn't been draining the water out after each load. This has been going on for about 1.5wk, but I didn't really put two and two together until last night. Every load that I do, the clothes are sopping wet. I mean, if you try to lift any clothes out of the washer, be prepared to get drenched! It's like the spinning cycle never happens, but it "appears" to be spinning. It's been quite a pain in the romp. When the cycle is finished, and they are still soaking wet, I even put it through another "Drain and Spin" cycle with no luck. Last night I was ready to go to bed. I had towels in the washer that were just a MESS with water, and I needed to wash Aspens favorite sweatshirt or I knew what the morning would have in store for me if it didn't happen. So, I left the wet towels in a basket, plopped in a load of laundry and sure enough. Woke up this morning to a sopping wet load of laundry. I tried to spin them dry to no avail. I then crossed my fingers, said a little prayer, and took the chance of putting the thing, by itself, inside the dryer and hoped that it would be dry in 45min. Do you even have to ask the outcome? Yea, didn't think so. So, Aspen had a few tears this morning.. but I had her take the sweatshirt, which was damp-wet.. not soaking wet, just damp-wet to school to hang in her cubby in hopes it will air dry within a few hours. She was horrified. She was bent. She was upset. That sweatshirt is the staple to her uniform wardrobe. The girl will wear that sweatshirt in 80 degree weather she loves it so much. Really, it's been done. I know what I'm talking about.

So, long story aside, what the heck do I do about my washer? Said person "tried" looking at it last night, took the drain off to make sure it wasn't clogged and it wasn't. I think I need to check about a warrenty today because I can not go without a washer that actually functions properly. Not in this house. So, wish me luck. By the way, Just so you know, Said person and I haven't been on the best of terms the last few days. I'm PMSing, yea, I'll admit it, so it's a given every month at this time, we'll get in a spat that goes on for a few days. He'll do something that sparks up a lot of emotion [un-resolved issues], and then just sit back and watch it all unfold. Not a big deal. It's life. It's what we know. Doesn't mean that it doesn't suck any less, but it is what it is. His lack of emotion & sensitivity coupled with my overly-emotional, sensitive self is always a bad combination. So, if you hear me venting, don't say I didn't give you a heads up. Really, I warned you.

And Oh, just becuase I know you're curious as to how the 'ole shoes are looking since it's been over 1.5 week and all, I thought I'd share them with you:

If he even *tries* to stick these funky things in my washing machine one more time, I'm telling you.. no really, I'm flat out telling you that if you look high in the sky, you'll see "said person" flying through the air with one high heel hanging from this butt! You will.. I'm telling you people, YOU WILL SEE IT HAPPEN! *deep breath in, deep breath out!*...

Chelc may be going down today to try to get her permit. Save me now! Don't get me wrong, I'm *excited* for her, I am. Really, I am. Just the thought of her behind the wheel scares the living daylights out of me. We don't live in a small little town. There are 3 different interstates that you have to mosey on to get where you are going around here and the though of her driving, well... freaks me out to say lightly. But, it's all apart of this parenting thing. Each new year brings on a new milestone. This year just happened to bring on *driving*. Tell me again why they have to grow up? Sure, so they can move on with their life, expierence the ups and downs.. I get it. Don't think I don't. However, can I just skip the driving part for now? please??????

Okay, I need to go in and throw my hair up in a ponytail, plop on some tennis shoes (which have not been washed in the washing machine, thank-you-very-much! and head to Curves to shed off some of this jiggle in the 'ole butt-a-roo and legs. Hey, it's not going to happen on its own, although I've tested that theory for the last, oh.. 2 years or so, so don't think that I didn't give it the 'ole college try! See, I was testing the theory for all woman-kind, we need more people like me in the world... you know, not exercising for the sake of other woman. Just think, if we *all* did this, even all those "totally in shape, not-a-jiggle-to-be-found" girls tried this, well.. imagine how much happier ALL of us would be in the end? :) We could start a "Make it Jiggle" campaign, yea.. that's what we can do! Who knows, maybe we can even get Jello to be our sponsor? :) Ok, all seriousness aside, I guess in the end I tend to be a conformist. No, not really, but on this issue.. ya know, "the whole exercise thing to get in shape", I have to side with "the other side". Don't give me that look, I figure *I'm* the one who has to prance around in shorts and skirts and a bathing suit very, very soon... I may as well do my part by at least *trying* to look like I can pull it off. One less jiggle is a good day, right? :) I figure I've slacked long enough, and fat cells just aren't going to vanish overnight by themselves. Although, how nice would that be if they actually did? Moral of the story, I'm off to the gym to work out with the Curves ladies and maybe I'll hit the bike trail afterwards. Still wet outside, but I think the rain may skip us today. Good, because I need all the work possible in getting these legs in shape. You know it's bad when you catch a back view of your bode in the mirror, (what? don't tell me you don't do this) and you're wondering how the heck another woman got in your bathroom mirror. Sure, it's getting there, the 'ole bode that is, but... we have a long way to go! And it's sure not going to happen with me sitting on my butt, so... gotta scram!

Have a great day everyone and think of me, sweating it out today, but loving every minute of it :) For all woman-kind, right? :) RIGHT! I love excersing once I'm in "the zone" (like I am now).. it just always takes me so darn long to get here. :) Oh, and today is the kick off to my "high protein low carb" gig. Not Atkins, Not Southbeach, nothing of the sort. Just LOTS of protein in the form of Chicken, Fish, Black Beans, etc. wtih lots of greens! No breads, and very very little sugars. Only healthy sugars in fruits, and well.. maybe, just maybe the last Redbull in my fridge to get me started today. Last one though, ok? Hoping to do this for 2wks to jump kick something good. :) I'll let ya know if 1) I make it 2) If I *do* make it, if it works :)

I'm outta here....
Peace + Love + Redbull

"I'm gunna miss ya, man!"

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