Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I'm over here working on a book report on Helen Keller and needed a break, so.. here I be. :)

We had a nice weekend... had a few people over for a BBQ yesterday... not a big deal, Susan, D's Dad, Christine, Dean, and Christian. Thankfully, we had enough leftovers where I didn't have to cook tonight. SCORE! :) And, because I've been such a STELLAR Housecleaning chick lately [insert smirk here!], I didn't even wig out about the house because it just needed a quick little clean and that was it. Felt good not freaking out before people came over though, what I'm known to do, so.. don't ever say miracles don't happen.

Quite day around here today. Church this morning, then we had a big lunch at church afterwards. Portland Christian Choir porformed so we fed them (and the church :) )afterwards. I made a HUGE thing of baked beans on Saturday so I would have them already for today, so it worked out great! :) We had a new couple, pretty young- maybe early 20's, attend today. We invited them to sit with us during lunch and come to find out, the guy is in the hotel business- he's the AGM at a hotel right up the street from us. :) THought that was really good. Nice people..

Nothing else going on. Chelc had work, then we tanned together, then I took her to Southeast Church for the Youth Group since our church didn't have evening service tonight.. and, that's about it! :)

So.. I'll bore you tommorow... but now I need to get back to Savannah's report. :) Have a great night and I'll see ya tommorow :)

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