Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah! It's FRIDAY!

Today has been a busy little day already! D drove the girls to school, then we had to take Courtney out carpet for her project in math/science that apparently she needed today [the kid is SUCH a last minute Nelly. Wonder who she got that from?], and also a check for the yearbook. I'm still baffled that they charge $50 for a stinking YEARBOOK, but whatever! Just go with the flow.....

Anyways, after D got back to the house, I drove him into the office, stopping by the bank before hand, and then sat my happy butt in the social security office for almost TWO HOURS, trying to get Chelcey a new SS card. I had her number, her birth certificate, but *apparently*, the new way of obtaining one is that I needed a copy of either her immunization records, student I.D, or report card [HUH???] since when does a birth certificate NOT work? So, 2 hours of my life wasted listening to people lose their temper for every reason under the sun. As I was sitting there, I remembered that today is Addi's teachers baby shower. So, I just got finsihed shopping for her registery gift at Target and some undies & socks for Courtney & the babies (boy did they both need them!). The baby shower is at 1:30pm, so I'm back home getting ready to wrap the gift and to get out of my tee shirt & jeans and throw on something a little more dressy.

Chelc called from school wanting me to come get her early to go and get her permit because she has to work at 3pm. But, that isn't going to happen- just doesn't work. So, she'll have to wait unti Monday- it's not like it's going to kill her. She's went 16 years and 1 month without it, ya know? :)

We have 2 birthday parties this weekend for friends of Addi's, so.. that means more birthday gift shopping this afternoon. I think I'll cheat and do the same gift that I got Savannah's friend last week for Madison- it was cute & it sure will take the guess work out of it. :) Here's the gift from last week. I fell in love with the little gator webkinz & the monogram cookie.. how CUTE is that?

The other party is on Sunday for Will. Will has been Addi's friend since pre-school and he's so stinking cute! :) I'm so clueless on little boys though, so.. that one might be a little tricky. I'll see him this afternoon, so I'll ask him what he likes today.

Had a good work out last night and then tanned. D took the girls on a bike ride and was just pulling into the driveway when I got home. After we got the girls dinner & baths and put them to bed, Chelcey watched them while D and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for a salad and to talk about our special plans. :) June 19th in MO. I'll share more about it later. We're excited!

Okay, need to start getting ready so I'm not late! Addi is probally freaking out thinking that I forgot about it today since we didn't talk about it this morning like we ususally do when I'm coming to school. So, the look on her face when I show up will be priceless, I'm sure. :) I'll snap some pictures & will share tonight.

See ya!

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