Thursday, May 21, 2009

Manaic Bike Riders

Man, it's been a few days since I've posted.. "my bad!". :)

Nothing too exciting to report.. just been super busy! The weekend was *non-stop*, that I will say. We ended up having the baby shower on Friday during school-hours, so that was no big deal. However we had *3* birthday parties this weekend, all from Addison's class. Maddie's was at "The Paint Stop" which is an awesome pottery place where the kids got to pick out their pottery and then paint it, they loved it! On Sunday, after church Will's was at his house (big bouncy- LOVED their back yard!), and then RIGHT after Will's was katiyn's "Build a bear" then they shuttled them over to "Max & Erma's" for an ice cream bar. Addi had a blast this weekend, she kept me busy, I know that! :)

D and I went out to dinner on Friday evening with some friends. Cassie was in town, so we all got together and went out for Mexican food *slurp!*. Of course, I taxed a TON of those awesome chips & white cheese sauce (lol), so I was all salt-induced for a few days. Oh well, it was worth it. :)

D and I have been maniac's on our bikes lately, oh my! Monday after we dropped the girls off we went about 6-7 miles, at LEAST! We hit it hard for almost 2hrs. straight and beleive me when I say there was VERY little down time or "strolling" time. It was BRUTAL people! I wanted to kill the boy though because he was making me push myself harder than I ever would, which is GOOD, don't get me wrong.. but I thought I was going to die! :) LOL.. We have a little bit of competiviness between us, so it tends to make us go harder which is always fun. Those HILLS though were *k i l l e r*.. I kept screaming at him, "No need to show off on MY account, really... I'm okay with it!". :) When we finsihed the major hills for about an hour (my legs were on FIRE!), his brainy act idea was to go back home THROUGH the woods, on our normal trail-- only this time, it was backywards, which made the hills even WORSE. Oh my! HE made it all the way to the top... I freak out when it comes to gravel. I had a *horrible* bike wreak on gravel when I was about 10 or so, and it's stuck with me all my life.. brutal doesn't even touch it, so.. I'm a little more on gaurd than he his. Now D, he just doesn't care- I know he's going to wipe out and kill himself one of these days... such a risk taker it's not even funny. ME on the other hand, I am not. I think things through before I leap, whereas he does not- he just jumps and hopes for the best. Well, I was going fairly slow on the gravel then I turn the corner and see that last MASSIVE, straight up hill that was all gravel. I didn't have enough speed to even make it and my legs were on FIRE. I got off my bike to push it up and I swear I could barely walk-- my legs felt like jello and they hurt SO bad. After I get up the hill, D was waiting for me (punk!) and sure enough, there were about 10 billy goats just walking around.. it was so funny! :) We had an awesome time though! Brutual, but awesome. :)

Saturday we hit the trails pretty hard.. went down a new one that I didn't like (all downhill at first and VERY narrow with trees & drop-offs.. freaks me out.. .lol) but we went about 4 miles on Saturday. Sunday after dinner we went down our hard trail and came out by the railroad tracks again.... started raining, that was fun. :) Thankfully it didn't storm and made going through the woods more fun because we knew if we didn't book it, we would get drenched. :) Then, last night after we got the girls fed D and I at DUSK, mind you, went over to the nature trail and hit our favorite trail through the woods and I swear I almost took out several trees in the process. I have HORRIBLE night vision, horrible.. everything gets blurry and it's hard to see. It was VERY blurry booking it through the wooded trail, and MAN did we go FAST, REALLY pushing ourselves. I heard something in the woods beside me, made me go faster... D kept saying "about 5 more minutes and it's going to really be dark", so me, the freak show that I am, went as fast as I could. You must be crazy if you think I want to get stuck in those woods at night time. It's a nature preserve people, do you know what lurks in the woods in a nature preserve? Everything and anything..... I heard a dog bark in the woods, which I told myself was probally a coyotte that was going to eat me- so I knew I had to book it out of there FAST! :) We had fun! We are really diggin' this whole bike thing though... :)

I'm getting ready to head in to Curves here in a bit, then I think I'll run over at the trails. It's SO peaceful over there.... I think I'll do my weigh in and measurements today at Curves. I've been retaining water (darn salt!) so I've been trying to avoid it, but.. I think today is the day. It's been a month since I started working out there and bike riding, so.. I'm axiouse to see what it's done. Don't worry, I'm not expecting miracles *yet*.. :) it's only been a month, but I can tell that I've started to tone, so I'm curious :)

Courtney went to Six Flags with the 6th grade class yesterday for a field trip, almost got jumped by some girls from a public middle school and the stories she told, oh my! It's SO amazing how difference between that school and Courtney's school. All the middle school kids just got let loose, but at CAL, they had to have a champorone which is a GOOD thing. Courtney said that every other word that came out of the kids mouths were "f", how the girls had on these super short shorts and had their school shirts tied under their boobs. SUCH a difference when you have someone keeping them in line verses just letting them loose to do what they want, ya know? Craziness.

Tommorow is field day at the babies school. I signed up to voleenter, but I'm not sure where they have me yet. I'm going to make sure I have batteries by tommorow so I can take lots of pictures :) I'm excited.. should be a fun day. They LOVE field day and this will be Addi's first time. I just hope the weather does ok, we're suppose to have a storm tommorow but hopefully it won't happen until later in then evening.

Our garden is ka-plop! Basically, the only thing growing is the lettuce... nothing else. We had TON of rain for about 5 days straight, so I'm wondering if that did something to it? I'll take pictures to share.... I'm wondering if we should just go out and buy the plants themselves (we planted seeds) and just start over? Hmmm... we'll see.

Ok, need to get out of my jeans and throw on some workout clothes and go to it :) Have a great day!

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